Level 27 Resource Base Attack Guide with Commander Roguepraetorian

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Resource Base Attack Guide

Welcome to the Resource Base Attack Guide

This is where I will be discussing general strategy when it comes to attacking resource bases. As you know, Resource Bases are a huge staple of your daily income (or should be) of wood, stone and Iron. If you give up on a resource base, you are giving up on a cash cow that will pay in dividends very quickly. Every time the resource base changes hands, the weapons (and resource collector) levels up. Therefore, a level 29 wood resource base will produce significantly more wood than a level 9 resource base.

Commander RoguePraetorian was kind enough to appear on my map.

First Glance:

Knowing the cards in my hand (referencing the troop composition guide) I immediately take note of the fact that this base has zero cannons. That being said, I’d be most happy to attack this base with a squadron of Tanks. The snipers are still not to be taken very lightly, but they will not tear apart tanks like a cannon will.» read the rest!

Update! The Freezing Menace and More!

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Holy pot-stickers has there been an update!

New units, new buildings, new maps, and all sorts of things you might not have seen coming!

See What’s New Below!

New Support Unit! | Submarine
Boom Beach Submarine Update

That’s right folks, a yellow submarine. You’ll be digging up treasure like a Beatle in no time! Now about that gig…

  • Starting at HQ 9, you can discover treasures with the submarine by finding dive locations on your map.
  • Treasures can include resources, diamonds, and even powerstones!
  • Dive locations appear randomly and each dive location will give you several treasures to choose from.
  • Dives cost a lot of gold, but the rewards are well worth it!
  • Tip: You cannot recover all the treasure from a dive location, so pick your targets wisely!
  • Tip: Upgrading the submarine allows for deeper dives and greater rewards
  • Tip: You need Radar level 7+ to find dive sites!
  • Official Post Here
New Defense Building! | Shock Launcher
Boom Beach Shock Launcher Update

The Shock Launcher is a POWERFUL new defense building which will significantly change the way battles are fought!

» read the rest!


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Winter is Coming

A mysterious cold spell has swept across the archipelago, and ice now covers all islands in the Northern region of the map!

What does this mean for Winterfell and the Stoic Starks?

Will we have Xmas trees growing in the North?

Will Ned keep his head in this version???


All questions should be answered soon! Stay Posted!!» read the rest!

Level 22 Resource Base Attack Guide with Commander BobbyTrap

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Resource Base Strategy

Congratulations to BobbyTrap for being selected as the our first submitted Offense Boot Camp Base Review!

At First Glance:

My first observation is that this base is symmetric. That is a good general idea in my book (for the base owner). This means that one side of the base will not be significantly stronger or weaker than the other side. For us attackers though, it means that we might be able to attack from one side and pick off weapons and not have to touch the other side.

General Strategy:

Unfortunately, we are unsure of BobbyTrap’s HQ level so we can’t ascertain if he has tanks or not so I will be writing a With Tanks and Without Tanks version of this guide.

With Tanks:

Assuming the invading force has tanks unlocked, he should proceed by taking at least one cannon out before invading. Note that the top-most Cannon / Mortar are close enough to take them both out with an Artillery shell.» read the rest!