Commander’s Journal – The Rocket Launcher

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Hey commanders! Welcome to the Journal, your field guide to the powerful and varied Boom Beach Arsenal. Today we’ll take a look at the Rocket Launcher, a devastating long range bombardment defense.

Key Characteristics

Boom Beach Rocket Launcher
Unlocked at HQ Level 13
Attack Range
Boom Beach Rocket Launcher Range

Offensive Application

You’re going to face off against Rocket Launchers early on in your campaign, primarily in NPC levels and opponents’ Resource Bases. Sometimes it’ll even be at a point in the game where your only troops are Riflemen or Heavies – units that Rockets eat for breakfast. However, with concentration and a liberal use of Flares, you can make the best of a dangerous situation.

Here are a couple of specific combat tips when attacking:

  • Maneuvering into the Rocket’s blind spot is by far the most efficient way to take them down. Flare your troops into the zone just in front of the Rocket, even if it means taking sporadic fire from Machine Guns or Mortars along the way.
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Level 27 Base Attack Guide with Commander Fuaad1404

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Big thank you to Commander Fuaad1404! This was a base I personally attacked, so I will tell it from the first person perspective.

Level 27 Base Attack Strategy

At First Glance:

The first thing I usually look for in a base is number of cannons and also Cannon Placement. This base has 4 Cannons, but I believe I only need to interact with 3 of them if not only 2 of them. I also notice the line of mines. This does not really bother me because some of them will be taken out from my Artillery/Barrage on the Cannon, but the rest can be safely ignored as I will punch through in only one spot – triggering only a small number of the mines with my Heavies.

Ideal Troop Composition:

  • Tank Squadron
  • Heavy/Zooka/Riflemen
With Troops Shown:

Clearly the optimal place to attack is the left side. A handful of free buildings to take out means that there is free energy to be had and free energy is directly proportional to how badly Fuaad1404 gets demolished.» read the rest!

Top 5 Quick Tips for New Commanders

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Greetings, new Commanders! We here at Boom Beach HQ are very excited about the recent release of Boom Beach on Android!! That’s why this week, we will be focusing on helping you start off on the right foot!

  1. Building Placement: Don’t place your buildings adjacent to each other. If you’ve played Clash of Clans you might be used to placing all of your buildings and walls next to each other. Boom Beach does not work like this. With the use of Artillery your enemies can wreak havoc on your buildings that touch. This gives your enemies a massive leg up if they can use three rounds and take out two buildings (getting twice as much energy back from the attack) instead of one!
  2. Using the Gunboat: This might seem extremely trivial to players that have been playing for more than one day, but Gunboat energy starts new at every attack. This means that there is no penalty to not using it.
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The 5 Best Things About Boom Beach on Android

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It has been long anticipated and it is finally here, Boom Beach on Android! And here are the 5 Best Things About Boom Beach on Android!

1. Filling Up The Map
That’s right, the Boom Beach community which was previously limited to iPhones and iPads is now open to millions of new players. With more players on board and the Android hurdle complete, I’m definitely looking forward to the possibility of multiplayer or team based missions or objectives!

In any case get ready for some fresh faces around the isles! Also if you are one of those new commanders, check out our Beginner Guide to get a head start on your base and beach raiding!

With some new faces, it's about to get a lot more interesting in here! With some new faces, it’s about to get a lot more interesting in here! Check out the Beginner Guide!
2. You can finally talk to your Android Friends
Sure you’ve been excited about playing Boom Beach on your iPhone/Pad, but trying to explain the game to your friends who can’t play doesn’t really work.

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Level 35 Base Defense with Commander Stu

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boom beach hq wiki level 35 strategy guide

I’d like to thank Commander Stu for submitting a very detailed explanation of his strategy and his base layout. Thanks a lot Stu!

At First Glance:

As always, props for trying to make your base as symmetrical as you can. I also see that you’ve placed your Boom Cannons almost as bait for Gunboat attacks. The attacker is forced to deal with them immediately but the barrage will not touch any other building. So far, so good. I can tell you’ve put thought into this design.

Main Weakness (as listed in submission):

General Strategy:

The first thing that I dislike about your base setup is that you have all of your Cannons adjacent and on the front line. If I had all Tanks, I’d love to take a shot at your base. You basically are allowing me to try and get rid of my biggest obstacle first.» read the rest!