Revenge of the Magma Update and Social Interaction?

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It’s been awhile since we saw the Freezing Menace update which added new buildings, winter biomes, and the submarine. It’s complement Revenge of the Magma is now here. While it is mostly an aesthetics and housekeeping update, Tim the Boom Beach SuperCell community manager, strongly hinted at a “social aspect” in the works for Boom Beach.

Boom Beach 
Revenge of the Magma Update

There weren’t any significant changes to gameplay: trees now grow back occasionally to provide additional sources of wood, NPC matchmaking is more appropriate for high level players, etc. However, I think there are several other good things to take away from this update.

Overall the visuals and performance of Boom Beach are a lot crisper now as there were always mixes of old and new graphics, and we are seeing SuperCell review and implement a lot of the community’s feedback as seen in several suggestion inspired features. We also confirmed rumors about “social” features in the works, so hopefully those friends of yours might can help out or work together.» read the rest!