Update: Invasion Cap and Rate Changes

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Boom Beach Wiki Task Force Invasion Cap

The latest Task Force update brought about a lot of great and interesting social and competitive content.

However, there were also some hotly debated topics about the changes to the invasion rate and the cap – namely that the maximum number of enemy bases a player could have on their map was greatly reduced.

  • The max number of enemy bases on the map was 24 bases at radar level 20 and even lower for other levels of radar
  • This meant that players who had more than the max allowable enemy bases on their map would not see any new invasions come, even if they waited for several hours or days.
  • Also players who had cleared their map would not necessarily get invaded very quickly as the rate and chance of invasions was reduced.
  • Since getting invaded is based on chance, it was theoretically possible to never get invaded if you were really, really unlucky.

While the rates were low after the Task Force update, SuperCell released an update today to help fix some of the issues with the invasion cap and invasion rates.» read the rest!

Checkin’ the Numbers – Intel

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Boom Beach Wiki Intel

1st post of a new series of articles! In this series, we are doing MATH and taking a hard look at the numbers of Boom Beach and summarizing it so you don’t have to!

For today’s topic we’re starting off with something relevant to the latest Task Force patch: Intel.

And more specifically what you need to do to get the 2nd Intel for Base Defense.

First, a recap:

Intel can be earned 3 ways:

  • 1 Intel for defeating an NPC base (25% chance)
  • 1 Intel for defeating a Player Base (50% chance)
  • 1 to 2 Intel for destroying enemy troops during a base defense

The first two options are pretty straight-forward.

You’ll get on average 1 Intel for every 4 NPC bases you destroy and 1 Intel for every 2 Player bases you destroy. By no means is this a guarantee as it is ‘by chance’ and you’ll probably see your fair share of hot and cold streaks that average out.» read the rest!

Comprehensive Task Force Update Guide

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Boom Beach Task Force Update


This is the update we’ve all been waiting for. Multiplayer. Cooperative. Boom Beach.

Sing it with my now! AWWWWW YEAAAA!

Easily the most anticipated update to Boom Beach, we’re finally ready to reveal it all! Let’s get to it!

What are Task Forces and Operations |
In case you missed it, Task Forces are groups of up to 5, 10, 20, or 50 players that can band together to take down Blackguard bases through missions called “Operations”
  • Operations consist of multiple bases. For example Operation Milkforce, the first operation, has 2 bases that need to fall in order to complete the operation. Base defenses are similar to Dr. Terror stages on a much larger scale, and the bases can even have defensive boosting statues to make things harder!
  • Instead of an HQ, players try to destroy the large Power Core that is the central hub of each base.
  • Where Task Force missions are unique from other NPC missions is that they promote coordination and teamwork with your fellow teammates.
» read the rest!

First Look: The Task Force Update #1

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The biggest update. to. date. This is one helluva update and way too much to cover in just one post!

That said, we’re making a section for all Task Force related information in the second post.

See all the other changes below!

Economy and Gameplay Updates |
Boom Beach Task Force Update
Some major updates occurred that will change the way you fight!
Dr. Terror got a couple pretty nasty buffs in the latest update, so taking his dark stones and resources is getting tougher! In addition the economy resource gain and requirements have been shuffled around a bit making free diamonds less common but also reducing build times and increasing the resource worth of each diamond.
  • Gunboat abilities now display countdown timers where they land, showing how much longer their effects will last. A very nice game changer, helping players make more efficient and tactical moves.
  • Dr. Terror now has shock launchers on higher stages which could potentially put a damper on smokey warrior strategies.
» read the rest!