The Flame Wars Update!

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Boom Beach Wiki New Unit Scorcher

Volcanic Incarnate | The Scorcher!

Alright boys, big news today! Those eggheads over at R&D cobbled together a monstrosity of a tank – built from 188 tons of dwarven steel and brimstone and with the demeanor of a dragon to boot, The Scorcher Tank is ready for action!

  • This beast fills up 21 slots of a landing craft.
  • It boasts a ridiculous 25,000 health at level one, the most of any unit by a long shot, and at max level it is 40,000 hp!
  • Equipped with a flamethrower, this unit deals out a ton of damage at close range (about that of a maxed level Warrior). The flames are also AOE, hitting buildings behind its initial target and setting them aflame for additional burning damage over time.
  • For a full list of stats and strategies, check out the Scorcher Page!

Other New Stuff |
Boom Beach Wiki Intel
Some cool new visual effects, and more types of Operation layouts and Task Force features.
  • New Power Base tactical note system for Task Forces
  • See information about your attacker’s statues
  • Several new Power Base layouts
  • Find new wildlife on your island
  • Female villagers
  • New Gunboat upgrade visuals
  • New Flamethrower upgrade visuals
  • New, more accurate visual effect for Boom Mine explosions
  • Tap on your Submarine’s dive location while it’s exploring the depths
Gameplay Changes |
  • The Grenadier now throws faster and further, with a slightly increased grenade explosion radius (DPS remains the same)
  • Statue boosts will pause automatically during maintenance
  • Increased Ice Statue boost times to 10h per PP
  • Cannons, Boom Cannons and Boom Mines no longer deal double damage to Tanks, but instead deal more damage overall
  • Tanks do more damage and train faster, but have less health
  • Operation Intel costs now scale according to the size of your Task Force (tap here for more info)
  • Sabotage price reduced (initially 3, then +2 per subsequent sabotage)
  • Better pathfinding for all troops
  • Gunboat ability grid when attacking is now pixel precise
  • Recommended Task Forces now tell you why they’re being recommended to you
  • Matchmaking for 600 VPs and upwards has been changed
  • PvP loot bonus is no longer determined by the strength of your opponent’s defenses, only their total XP matters
  • Added bonus to loot when attacking high VP players
  • Dr.
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