Recruiting Talented Boom Beach Players! Write on BoomBeachHQ!

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Are you great at Boom Beach?

Do you know the best ways of attacking with Heavy Zooka or navigating a minefield with Smoky Warriors?

Are you the leader of a big Task Force climbing the boards and looking for some fresh recruits?

Then perhaps you can be a BoomBeachHQ writer!

We’re looking for some talented players and writers to join our team of Boom Beach guide writers. We know there are lots out of good players out there, and we’d like to see you here too!

  • Write Guides on Boom Beach Strategies or Mechanics
  • Advertise your Task Force for Recruitment
  • Have your guide read by thousands of other Boom Beach enthusiasts!
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One Unit Series – Grenadier

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Hey Commanders!

Welcome back to the one unit series, where feature the strengths and weaknesses of your Boom troops. We’re looking at that explosive throwing professional, the Grenadier today!

It’s a unit that has a ridiculously long range as well as an explosive that deals damage over a decent area. Recent patches have also made him even stronger by increasing his already long range and increasing his attack speed.

While seemingly gimmicky, Grenadiers can be immensely useful in protecting your main army as well as taking entire bases by themselves.

Key Characteristics

Boom Beach Grenadier Strategy
Unlocked at HQ Level 16
Move Speed
Attack Range
Unit Size
Boom Beach Tank HQ Wiki Range

Grenadiers, in Depth


Basically, the grenadier fills an interesting niche of

“I want to blow those things up waaaay over there, but I don’t want to walk that close.”
  • Grenadiers can use time at the start of the battle to clear several defenses almost for free.
  • Grenadiers can soften up Boom Cannons and other defenses so single artillery shells or barrages can destroy them.
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Top 10 Tips for Clash of Clans Veterans

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Boom Beach with Clash of Clans

Have you or your friends fought on the fields of Clans and are you looking to try the sandy shores of Boom Beach?

Well we’ve put together a guide to help Clashers get adjusted to shores of Boom Beach!

We’ve broken down the key differences between these games, detailed unique features of Boom Beach, and added some of our own tips to help Clashers get a great start with our Top 10 Tips for Clash of Clans Veterans!

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