Advanced Strategy: Hiding Your Buildings!

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bbhq_graphic_commanderbanner By Commander Atsjne

Hey what’s up guys, hope you are enjoying the new updates. I am here today with something new, something you have never seen in any tutorial before because most players who discover it do not tell anybody about it! I will share this secret with you in a few second so get ready.

The Secret

I am sure your you have noticed that some players with high HQ level have some missing mandatory buildings from their base. Calm down guys, this is not a cheat or a hack – just a defense strategy. The secret you have been waiting for guys is that you can hide mostly all you non defense buildings from your base using trees.

Actually not all trees, only two kinds of trees.

Below is a screenshot of my base, try to find the hidden buildings. 😏😏


Advantages of hiding non defense buildings

I’m sure you are asking your self why should someone hide non-defense buildings from his base?» read the rest!

Make your Task Force a Well-Oiled Destructive Machine

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Boom Beach HQ Guides and Wiki By Commander RallyRandy

Many Task Forces operate differently and often struggle to work together effectively. This can make the difference between taking down that next operation and being stuck on the same one the Task Force has completed twenty times in the past. I am going to cover some different ways to help the Task Force you are in whether you are a Leader, Officer, or a Member.

Become a Productive Member of Task Force Society

Being an active member of your Task Force (TF) no matter how bad or good you are will earn you respect from your fellow members.

Many TFs have Intel limits or attack requirements, but if you are active enough in the game these should not be an issue. If your TF is too competitive, or not competitive enough, try looking around for one on the forums that may better suit you. The sooner you settle in somewhere where you are comfortable, the better.

  • Communicate with your TF, ask questions, and respect the Officers and Leaders.
» read the rest!

The Four Minute Thrill – Story from a Task Force Leader

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bbhq_graphic_groupshotbanner By Commander sYnOnYmOus

Insights from a member turned leader on how to operate and participate in a successful task force

Tag Team Attacks

The sound of machine guns firing from all direction, mortars dropping from the sky like hail, the thunderous boom from the canons, the shock to the bones from the shock launchers, and the relentless assault from the rockets.

Across my news feed, Jonny Danger writes “I can’t believe I took out Quantum, bro, my heart was racing. That was FUN!”

Indeed it was. Once a day, we all come together like brothers and sisters and battle the beast we all know as the Task Force Operation. One by one, we take turn and fight like a tag team wrestling match. At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, we either cheer and congratulate each other or encourage each other and remind one another that tomorrow is another day.

Intimidating Factor

It is intimidating, even for the advanced players, to step on a base with maxed out rockets and shocks firing from all direction, and all you can do is hope that you can last another few seconds to take out that pesky rocket.» read the rest!

Defeating New Dr. Terror!

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Boom Beach HQ Dr Terror Guide By Commander Alex

Hello Commanders! Are you ready to defend the Islands once again? The devious Dr. Terror has invaded once again, and you must save a village from his evil plans! Lot’s of players struggle with his defense so let’s talk about how to beat him.

Terror stage 1 (Level 8)

Terror stage 1 is a HQ level 8, with a single Shock Launcher. Have no fear as I have a brilliant technique to easily take this one down! Shock Launchers are one of the best defenses, but when alone they have a huge weakness!

If you can see in this picture when attacked by Heavies and Zookas the Shock Launcher will fire at the Heavies and the Zookas are untouched! Simply attack from the front with a Heavy/Zooka team, leaving a space between them and you can take this down with no casualties!! Be careful to leave space between heavies and Zookas or the Zookas will be hit on the walk there!» read the rest!

Offensive vs. Defensive STRATEGY

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bbhq_graphic_offenseanddefense Article by Commander mxpigg

Will you dominate the archipelago with countless amounts of troops, create the rock solid dream beach that crushes your enemies, or achieve in BOTH?? Only the wisest and most intelligent commanders will succeed in this. Do you have what it takes?


Focused Offensive Strategy PROS

In order to easily defeat mercenary and blackguard bases, conquer in operations, seize resource bases, and bring home mass amounts of dough after a couple rounds of Dr. Terror, you’re going to need a solid offense. There are four main points of offensive strategy that can be used, configured, and upgraded in many different variations.

These points include: landing crafts, gunboat energy, troop level, and gunboat ability level. Every time each of these are upgraded, your offense becomes more versatile and efficient. The rewards for having a solid offense are huge amounts of loot. Focusing on offense only is recommended for very active players.

Focused Offensive Strategy CONS

Being able wield a mighty army and crush your opponents with ease is especially fun!!» read the rest!