Best Tips for Colonel Gearheart, Lt. Hammerman Attacks, and More!

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By mxpigg

Many people have gotten used to Boom Beach’s old schedule, with Dr. Terror coming only twice a week, and mainly having to rely on Dr. Terror and some player bases for the primary source of their huge rewards. In this guide, I will review many aspects of the recent update that will help you achieve and have more fun than you already are!

Colonel Gearheat
Colonel Gearheart Boom Beach Strategy

Colonel Gearheart is a fierce NPC character that brings some real challenges to every player, as Colonel Gearheart uses every prototype weapon there is, with huge amounts of health and damage boosts! If you damage enough of her buildings, you will be rewarded with prototype modules and resource rewards.

What is the best way to damage most of her buildings, then? Riflemen, medics, and tanks wont bring you much luck with Gearheart, as rocket launchers and boom cannons will wipe them out almost immediately. Since her base is set up to take the swiftest and heftiest foes, you are narrowed down to few options to take down as many buildings as possible.» read the rest!

Task Force: Create, Manage, Conquer!

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banner_togetherweboom By mxpigg

Having a powerful task force is an awesome way to progress through your campaign! Being in a team in which you plow through operations and sail in hefty amounts of loot adds a competitive tone to Boom Beach. Here are some ways you can manage your dream task force (whether you’re a leader, officer, or member) And leave a trail of victory!

Being a Leader

Being a leader of a task force can be a great responsibility in that people have to follow YOUR rules, YOUR way. It’s pretty simple to get started. The main goals for task forces are to earn enough intel for the desired operation and make sure that operation is DESTROYED. Once you have your task force set up and have a decent amount of members, as a leader, it is very important to keep track of everyone’s participation.

One way of doing this is by creating a daily list. By creating a daily list, you can accurately know not only who is participating, but precisely how they are helping your task force grow.» read the rest!

Top 4 HQ 17-18 Base Setups

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Boom Beach HQ Ice Statues By Gageius

These are the bases that I have found and used to much success. There are many different types of setups, and there is no such thing as a ‘Unbeatable’ setup. But these setups I’m about to show you should increase you’re successful defenses. RED will represent Weaknesses and Cons to the Base. The BLUE will represent Strengths.

“The Heart”

This Base works the best when it is placed at the back of your Island, and it defends against most troop types. This base is truly a Moderate base for new lvl 18 HQ players. So if you’ve just upgraded from 17 to 18, this should be a good setup.

“The Classic Corner”

This is a Common Setup, and I see players with this setup all the time. The Headquarters is placed in the top right corner of the island with mines laid down in front of the HQ. This is a good warrior defense. It prevents players from warrior rushing up the side of your island.» read the rest!

The Best Ways to Effectively Use Critters

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bbhq_graphic_critter-banner By JonahD

With the addition of the new Gunboat ability “Critters” new strategies must be used to ensure that you get the most out of this new ability. In order to better understand the Critters ability, I’ve listed the best ways so far that I have found for utilizing them.

As a Distraction

The most obvious use for the critters for distracting enemy defenses. Critters cost initially 8 gunboat energy, and increase by 5 per use. This means that 3 salvos of critters costs 39 Gunboat Energy (Abbreviated GBE) and yield 18 critters for a level one critter shot.


As you can see, all of the defenses in range are targeting the critters which are closer to them rather than my troops.

As Minesweepers

It is likely that Supercell added critters to the game with this in mind, as critters can set off one or two mines each depending on the level of the mines and the critters. Drop a few salvos on mines or boom mines to protect troops like riflemen and zookas!» read the rest!