Best Unstoppable Tank Tactics

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bbhq_graphic_offenseanddefense By mxpigg

The Tank is an awesome troop that can handle most defenses thrown at its way. Today I will explain the most efficient ways to you use this troop that’ll help you leave beaches booming!

Tank-Only Strategy
Boom Beach Tank

When using all Tanks, especially at lower levels, it can be easy to use up all of your energy barraging and artillery-ing defenses while not leaving enough energy to land all your Tanks ashore! This can be avoided by landing your Tanks first, then using your energy on the key-defensive buildings. The Tank’s defensive rival is the Boom Cannon. Cannons along with Sniper Towers do decent amounts of damage as well.

There are more ways to taking out these key defensive buildings than to just simply barrage them, but by using the “Shush” tactic. The “Shush” tactic is used by shocking, then rushing. With the extra energy added to the barrage and artillery every time you use them, it can be a game-changer to save energy by using the shock bomb and flare to take out a pesky defensive building.» read the rest!

Website Maintenance Tonight!

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bbhq_graphic_banner_upgradepriority Hello Commanders!

We’re upgrading our website hosting tonight to make things run smoother and faster around here! That means the website will be unavailable starting at 9:30AM GMT July 4th for a few hours, but after that we will be back up and running faster than ever!

Also more articles and videos from your favorite authors and YouTubers are on the way, so check back later!

Till then, hasta la vista baby!» read the rest!