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By Commander Atsjne

Hey what’s up guys, hope you are enjoying the new updates. I am here today with something new, something you have never seen in any tutorial before because most players who discover it do not tell anybody about it! I will share this secret with you in a few second so get ready.

The Secret

I am sure your you have noticed that some players with high HQ level have some missing mandatory buildings from their base. Calm down guys, this is not a cheat or a hack – just a defense strategy. The secret you have been waiting for guys is that you can hide mostly all you non defense buildings from your base using trees.

Actually not all trees, only two kinds of trees.

Below is a screenshot of my base, try to find the hidden buildings. 😏😏


Advantages of hiding non defense buildings

I’m sure you are asking your self why should someone hide non-defense buildings from his base? It makes my base look larger and stronger! However, hiding your building gives you an advantage over your enemies.

Let me tell you how hiding non-defense buildings can give you advantage over your enemies.

  1. Hiding your non-defense buildings prevents enemies from seeing them while attacking your base.
  2. Since they are hidden, your enemies will not be able to destroy them.
  3. Which solves the problem – that when they destroy these buildings they gain gunboat energy which can be used to destroy your more valuable defense buildings. I know you hate when this happen.
  4. Thus, by hiding them you are limiting the enemy’s gunboat energy which makes it harder for them to destroy your base.

Here’s how you do it.
How To Hide Buildings
1. Remove all trees on your base leaving these 2 kinds of trees:
  • Mangrove Thicket
  • Mangrove Grove
bbhq_graphic_hiding_atsjne3 bbhq_graphic_hiding_atsjne2

2. Place a mine near one of those trees to view the ground under it.

  • Remember to remove them back, if you didn’t remove them your enemies will be able to see the hidden buildings and destroy it
  • If you are confused check out the images below.
bbhq_graphic_hiding_atsjne5 bbhq_graphic_hiding_atsjne4

I will make a video tutorial on it soon!

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