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Happy Friday! We’ve received reports of a great deal of new Android commanders joining our ranks in the recent weeks and that’s amazing! This article series, Back to Basics, is for those just starting out. For our more advanced players, we recommend checking out more in-depth articles like our Offense Boot Camp.

Without further ado, let’s dive into an early base: here is an HQ level 5 build from Commander Thx Ms!

Boom Beach HQ Wiki Level 5 Base Headquarters

What this Commander Did Right

  • Good instinct on surrounding your base at the docks. This ensures that your potential enemies get only one path to your HQ – the less options you give them, the better.
  • It is definitely a good idea to use your Residences and non-defense buildings at the front of your base – there’s no penalty for losing them in combat, and they serve as great distractions while your Sniper Towers pummel invaders.
  • All of the base defenses currently cover the Headquarters building. This is really good, as we often see players protect unnecessary parts of their base as their enemies march straight for the HQ.

What this Commander Could Work On

  • The biggest issue is that all of the buildings are clumped together – right now, an enemy can shoot a single Artillery shot and hit all of your defenses! Put at least one space of terrain between all of your buildings, and especially between your Sniper Towers and Mortar.
  • The Machine Gun can be placed closer to the front lines – at this point in the game, your enemies are trying to use Heavies to soak up Sniper fire while their riflemen do the dirty work. Punish them with the area damage of the Machine Gun.
  • Don’t move all of your defenses forward however – remember that enemy units can walk through trees. Your current foes shouldn’t have too much Gunboat energy for Flares, but they can use them to neatly sidestep your defenses.

Hope you enjoyed this short guide! Keep at it and you’ll get that base up to invincible status in no time!

Good luck commanders! And check out our Beginner Guide and Wiki if you have any more questions.