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Thanks to Commander John Snow for submitting his base. Hopefully we can help you get your defenses in order. As we all know: You reap what you sow.

At First Glance:

This base seems a bit unorganized. Sometimes this can be a good thing as it confuses the potential invader, but in this case I believe that it hinders your defenses. I see that your defensive buildings are upgraded quite a bit for your level 14 HQ which is good but this is clearly not preventing you from losing to attackers.

Proposed Changes:

First and foremost, something that I firmly believe in with this game is to upgrade your HQ as frequently as possible. There is no penalty for it and quite a few benefits (you’d unlock the Rocket Launcher at the next level!) Having a few extra weapons can give you that edge that you are currently missing.

The next thing that I would do would be to reorganize. Once you get to level 13, you can push your HQ all the way to the back corner of the map. By having your base in the back corner, you’re effectively forcing your enemy to go through more of your weaponry. I’d imagine that right now, your attackers are only taking about half of your weapons by sticking to one side of your HQ.

Another small but effective tip: pull your mines back from the coast. By having them on the coastline, only a few will be activated as the enemy pushes through them (usually heavies first). If you can intersperse your mines between buildings in a lattice, they will be stepping on them the whole way in (and out).

Final Thoughts:

I appreciate that you have clearly put a lot of effort towards upgrading your weapons. This take a lot of time and patience. You unfortunately are not doing much to protect your shiny upgraded weapons. What I mean by this if you’d intersperse some non-attacking buildings in your wall of weapons, the enemies Shock Bombs would be less effective while also either forcing the enemy to use more flares or take more time melting through your Support Buildings to get to your weapons and HQ.

Hope this helps!



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