Welcome to Battle Royale! Get ready to watch some epic conquest videos as our contestants fight to determine the top Boom Beach Commander! See the Rules here!


NPCs Players Crystals Wins Total Points
Beacher Joe 10 5 1 15
Boom Beach Bonanza 1 4 3 1 8
Boom Beach Boot Camp 8 3 11
Boom Beach General
Boom Bash Rehash 1 2 3 6
LANfill 6 7 13
Nothin’ But Boom 10 2 12
Play Boom Beach 8 10 1 18
Teach Boom Beach

Match Ticker

Bonanza vs   Bootcamp  5/25
Beacher Joe vs   Kk9199  5/25
LANfill vs   Play Boom Beach  5/26
Nothin’ But Boom vs   LANfill  5/26
Kk9199 vs   King  5/27
Bootcamp vs   Teach Boom Beach  5/27
Bootramp vs   Teach Boom Beach  5/28
Beacher Joe vs   Bootramp  5/29
Bonanza vs   Play Boom Beach  5/30
Teach Boom Beach   vs   Nothin’ But Boom  5/31

Meet the Contestants

YouTube Walkthrough NickAtNyte
YouTube Walkthrough Boom Beach Bonanza
YouTube Walkthrough LANfill
YouTube Walkthrough Boom Beach General
YouTube Walkthrough King24412
YouTube Walkthrough Boot Camp
YouTube Walkthrough Play Boom Beach
YouTube Walkthrough Beacher Joe
YouTube Walkthrough Boom Beach Wiki
YouTube Walkthrough Nothin But Boom
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