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Welcome to Battle Royale! Get ready to watch some epic conquest videos as our contestants fight to determine the top Boom Beach Commander! Stay tuned as there will be daily matches brought to you here and on our contestants’ channels!

The Rules
Players will compete 1v1 in a series of 5 minute matches. Both players will start raiding NPC and Player bases simultaneously, and points will be scored based on the number of bases successfully raided and the number of power stones collected.


  • Each Player base that is successfully raided is worth 2 pts
  • Each NPC base that is successfully raided is worth 1 pt
  • Each power stone (shard, fragment or crystal) is worth 1 pt
  • The HQ must be destroyed in order for the points to count. If destroyed after time ends, the points will not be counted
  • The player with the most points at the end of the round wins
Winners and Elimination:
  • The tournament is double-elimination. Once a player loses two rounds, they are eliminated from the tournament.
  • The Champion is the last man standing!
Meet the Contestants
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