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Alright Commanders, we’re talking resources today!

And more specifically one of the backbones of our supply line, Resource Bases!

Now if you are an attack oriented commander and haven’t invested in your defenses or economy, this may not be the article for you as you won’t get the full benefits of resource bases and are likely to lose the bases to much higher level opponents.

However, if you like successfully defending your base, investing in your economy, prefer a slower more passive progression, and/or have Life or Ice statues, here are some facts about Resource Bases that might peak your interest.

Boom Beach Outpost Resource Base
  1. Resource Bases can easily outstrip your main base’s resource production. A handful of resource bases can equal your main bases resource production and several more than that can produce 2 to 4 times your main base’s production.
  2. Resource Bases also provide a stockpile of unlootable resources. This amount can equal 20-21 times your total resource base production.
  3. Resource Bases benefit from Life statue bonuses.
  4. If you have every resource base at max radar, this can be 360,000 of each resource every day before life statue boosts. Even at lower levels this can be over 100,000 resources a day.
These facts put together can give you a pretty huge windfall of resources each day without boosting your VP. Over the course of a week, you can generate 1 to 2.52 million of each resource without garnering a single VP. More than enough for some big upgrades.

Additionally, I like playing both the attacking and defending aspects of Boom Beach. Having this huge influx of resources from resource bases means that I don’t have to raid as many npc and player bases to afford my upgrades, and thus it allows me to control my VP better without having to resort to beaching my base.


Full map with all Resource Bases pictured

Here are some other tips and frequently asked questions about resource bases.

  • Life Statues go really well with Resource Bases as they greatly increase your passive resource generation. (Again, your resource base production can be several times your main base’s)
  • Ice Statues also are nice in order to steal them from your opponents and make it difficult for them to be retaken.
  • When a resource base is taken over, its defenses upgrade and sometimes new defenses are added. The resource producing structure however will not upgrade, meaning it isn’t possible to increase the production of a resource base through trading a base.
  • If you are short on wood or stone, you can harvest the trees and boulders from your resource bases.
  • Each freed village on your map also counts as a “gold resource base”. For gold, it is most efficient to collect your resources every 10-12 hours as your boat will cap out around that time depending on how many freed villages you have.
  • For resources aside from gold, your resource base production has a cap equal to the total capacity of your resource bases combined. This tends to reach its limit after 20-21 hours.
  • If you lose a resource base, you lose any uncollected resource from that resource base.
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