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Congratulations to Commander BeruzeStro for being chosen as our first user submitted base review!

At first glance:

This would be a base I would be interested in attacking. Aside from the higher level of weaponry for the HQ level, the base setup actually lends itself to a sweeping assault.

By having all of the weapons on one side and all of the support buildings on the other, you leave your support buildings unprotected and ripe for the picking. This will provide the invading troops with a lot of extra energy to win the assault with.

Proposed Changes:

The obvious change here would be to rearrange the base and protect the support buildings to some extent. By putting your base in the middle, we can cover many more buildings by our weapons.

Another advantage of a base setup like this is that now the invading army has to go through some of these buildings while being attacked. Effectively buying the defending base time to weaken the invading army. This kind of base is shown below. Final Thoughts:

My final comment on your existing base is that you have weapons of the same type grouped up adjacent to each other. I would take advantage of this with a barrage and try to get all of your cannons at once, or a well-placed Shock Bomb could be very effective as well. Try to space out your cannons / sniper towers so they cannot all be taken out simultaneously.

Best of Luck!

-Team BBHQ