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Resource Base Strategy

Congratulations to BobbyTrap for being selected as the our first submitted Offense Boot Camp Base Review!

At First Glance:

My first observation is that this base is symmetric. That is a good general idea in my book (for the base owner). This means that one side of the base will not be significantly stronger or weaker than the other side. For us attackers though, it means that we might be able to attack from one side and pick off weapons and not have to touch the other side.

General Strategy:

Unfortunately, we are unsure of BobbyTrap’s HQ level so we can’t ascertain if he has tanks or not so I will be writing a With Tanks and Without Tanks version of this guide.

With Tanks:

Assuming the invading force has tanks unlocked, he should proceed by taking at least one cannon out before invading. Note that the top-most Cannon / Mortar are close enough to take them both out with an Artillery shell. We recommend hitting that one and attacking from the right side.

The tanks should be able to out-range the weapons on the left hand side and take out the headquarters easily.

Without Tanks:

This base is a bit trickier without tanks, but it should be doable. Shock Bombs are going to be your friend in this scenario. Your warriors already heal themselves and using artillery will only take out 1-2 weapons. Shock bombs will provide periods of no damage that will allow your warriors to survive the longest and dish out the most damage to the buildings.

My recommendation would be to try and assault the right side and once the entire right side was taken out (with the help of 1 or so Shock Bombs) I would just shock the Sniper Tower, Cannon and Flamethrower on the left side while I took out the HQ as quickly as possible.

If this does not work, I would look into upgrading my Landing Craft ASAP. There is a plateau from 15 to 20 warriors. Once you reach 20 warriors, the difficulty of bases that you can take out improves significantly.

Hope this helps!

-Team BBHQ