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BobbyTrap returns to us with another question about attacking a resource base! However, due to a misreading you get to read how to take it AND how to make it better once you’ve got it! Excellent!

Boom Beach Wiki Resource Base Attack Guide

Attacking the Base: At First Glance

The base has an abundance of area damage from the Rocket Launchers and any unit caught in that fire for too long will fall, even high health Tanks. This also makes Heavy/Zooka and Riflemen armies pretty poor options. The machine guns are also not very threatening, but destroying them will distract you from taking out the more critical Rocket Launchers.

General Strategy:

It’s important before the battle to scout the ranges of the Rocket Launchers and see where several Rocket Launchers will not be able to hit – the “miss” area. You’ll want to move your units into these spaces so you can take less damage and destroy them at the same time.

At HQ 11, Tanks are definitely the safest option since they have tons of health and can shrug off damage from Machine Guns. With Tanks I would land my tanks onto the left side and flare them immediately towards the space in the middle of the 3 rocket launchers on the left side (marked with an X). In this “miss” area, those 3 Rocket Launchers will be helpless and the Tanks should be able to make short work of them before flaring them over to the right two Rocket Launchers and destroying them. Everything else should be easy to take.

The harder strategy at HQ 11 would be Warriors. You have to take out the Rocket Launchers before assaulting the HQ at this level. Again it is important to find the gaps in the Rocket Launcher defenses and exploit those. I would take out the Machine Gun closest to the HQ and Flare my Warriors to the #2 Rocket Launcher (marked on the image). They will take fire from the rockets on the right side but should be able to avoid the other 3 rocket launchers. Also if your warriors get low on health, you can use Shock Bombs to disable the defenses and allow your Warriors to heal up. After destroying the #2 Rocket Launcher, take #1, then #3, and finally attack the two Rocket Launchers on the right side. Once the Rocket Launchers are destroyed, your Warriors should have no problem destroying the HQ.

It is important not to let your warriors attack the machine guns as they will take massive damage at close range so time your flares carefully after destroying each Rocket Launcher.

Defending the Base: At First Glance

So the Achilles’ heel of this base is the lack of Sniper Towers, Cannons, and Boom Cannons to deal with Tanks. It comes with an abundance of Rocket Launchers which is fantastic for the Heavy/Zooka and Mass Riflemen armies, and with proper placement, even Warriors will not have a chance. Thus, we’ll focus on countering Tanks and finding the best way to optimize the placement of the Rocket Launchers

General Strategy:

Spacing is critically important for this base. Space out the Rocket Launchers so their “miss” area doesn’t overlap too much. If the enemy moves into an area where two or more Rocket Launchers can’t him them, they’ll greatly reduce the damage they take while destroying your Launchers. Thus, space them out so that if the enemy attempts to hit one of them, the rest can fire back.

Next is the placement of the Machine Guns. I would place 2 of them near the front of the HQ, one square apart so they aren’t destroyed by a single Barrage/double. These will protect against Warrior rushes and delay other attacks on the HQ.

For the rest of the Machine Guns you have a couple options. You can place them as a front line a little further in front of the HQ. You want them placed so that when the enemy is attacking them, the enemies are within range of multiple Rocket Launchers. I would space the four Machine Guns so they cover the sides a little more than covering the middle. Their main purpose is to delay the tanks/heavies/zookas from advancing onto your HQ or Rocket Launchers. They’ll also punish enemies who try running past. Also use the quarry to help delay an attack from either the sides or the center!

As we stated earlier, the barrage of Rocket Launchers makes Heavy/Zooka, Mass Riflemen, and Warriors unlikely to take this base. Tanks are your main problem but with enough Rocket Power and time, they’ll be able to fend them off. Best of luck!

-Team BBHQ

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