Hooka vs 10 Ice Statues

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Boom Beach HQ Ice Statues Check out EternlGladiator’s Hooka attack on a high level player base with 10 ice statues and double shield generators! It’s really an amazing and well-executed attack and worth a watch!

Some important things to note about his video:

  • He uses really good delayed deployment of his troops and smokes followed up by solid flare movement.
  • He saves gunboat energy for essential powers like Shock Bombs and smokes rather than using lots of Barrages and Artillery
  • He singles out the structures he needs to disable with shocks to help his troops survive long enough to destroy the defenses and HQ (notice how he has 0 heavies left at the end – he zookas would have been easy pickings if they hadn’t survived just long enough.)

» read the rest!

Best Unstoppable Tank Tactics

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bbhq_graphic_offenseanddefense By mxpigg

The Tank is an awesome troop that can handle most defenses thrown at its way. Today I will explain the most efficient ways to you use this troop that’ll help you leave beaches booming!

Tank-Only Strategy
Boom Beach Tank

When using all Tanks, especially at lower levels, it can be easy to use up all of your energy barraging and artillery-ing defenses while not leaving enough energy to land all your Tanks ashore! This can be avoided by landing your Tanks first, then using your energy on the key-defensive buildings. The Tank’s defensive rival is the Boom Cannon. Cannons along with Sniper Towers do decent amounts of damage as well.

There are more ways to taking out these key defensive buildings than to just simply barrage them, but by using the “Shush” tactic. The “Shush” tactic is used by shocking, then rushing. With the extra energy added to the barrage and artillery every time you use them, it can be a game-changer to save energy by using the shock bomb and flare to take out a pesky defensive building.» read the rest!

The Best Ways to Effectively Use Critters

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bbhq_graphic_critter-banner By JonahD

With the addition of the new Gunboat ability “Critters” new strategies must be used to ensure that you get the most out of this new ability. In order to better understand the Critters ability, I’ve listed the best ways so far that I have found for utilizing them.

As a Distraction

The most obvious use for the critters for distracting enemy defenses. Critters cost initially 8 gunboat energy, and increase by 5 per use. This means that 3 salvos of critters costs 39 Gunboat Energy (Abbreviated GBE) and yield 18 critters for a level one critter shot.


As you can see, all of the defenses in range are targeting the critters which are closer to them rather than my troops.

As Minesweepers

It is likely that Supercell added critters to the game with this in mind, as critters can set off one or two mines each depending on the level of the mines and the critters. Drop a few salvos on mines or boom mines to protect troops like riflemen and zookas!» read the rest!

Defeating New Dr. Terror!

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Boom Beach HQ Dr Terror Guide By Commander Alex

Hello Commanders! Are you ready to defend the Islands once again? The devious Dr. Terror has invaded once again, and you must save a village from his evil plans! Lot’s of players struggle with his defense so let’s talk about how to beat him.

Terror stage 1 (Level 8)

Terror stage 1 is a HQ level 8, with a single Shock Launcher. Have no fear as I have a brilliant technique to easily take this one down! Shock Launchers are one of the best defenses, but when alone they have a huge weakness!

If you can see in this picture when attacked by Heavies and Zookas the Shock Launcher will fire at the Heavies and the Zookas are untouched! Simply attack from the front with a Heavy/Zooka team, leaving a space between them and you can take this down with no casualties!! Be careful to leave space between heavies and Zookas or the Zookas will be hit on the walk there!» read the rest!

Rocket Rain Ruined! How to Beat it!

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Boom Beach HQ Guides and Wiki

By Commander ZeeMan1023

Hello everyone! This article is focused on strategies for higher level Boomers but everyone can learn something! Have you ever had a hard time beating the NPC base “Rocket Rain”? If so, here are some tips for you!

All About The Base

Rocket Rain is a common NPC base in the 550-600 victory point range. Consisting of 6 Rocket Launchers, 3 Boom Cannons, 2 Cannons, 4 Machine Guns, and a single Flame Thrower, 2 Boom Mines and 12 Mines. Rocket Rain gives many of my teammates problems with the heavy fire taken from this mass of defenses. Today we’ll learn how to beat this monster of a base and not even lose a single heavy!

Boom Beach Rocket Rain Base
Strategy Time

Rocket Rain requires a Heavy / Zooka (HZ) rush to beat efficiently. I load up 4 boats of Heavys and 4 boats of Zookas to take it out. Before landing, one Cannon and one Boom Cannon have to go! Drop a Barrage on the Cannon and Boom Cannon, and an Artillery on each of the Boom Mines as shown in the picture.» read the rest!