Task Force: Create, Manage, Conquer!

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banner_togetherweboom By mxpigg

Having a powerful task force is an awesome way to progress through your campaign! Being in a team in which you plow through operations and sail in hefty amounts of loot adds a competitive tone to Boom Beach. Here are some ways you can manage your dream task force (whether you’re a leader, officer, or member) And leave a trail of victory!

Being a Leader

Being a leader of a task force can be a great responsibility in that people have to follow YOUR rules, YOUR way. It’s pretty simple to get started. The main goals for task forces are to earn enough intel for the desired operation and make sure that operation is DESTROYED. Once you have your task force set up and have a decent amount of members, as a leader, it is very important to keep track of everyone’s participation.

One way of doing this is by creating a daily list. By creating a daily list, you can accurately know not only who is participating, but precisely how they are helping your task force grow.» read the rest!

Make your Task Force a Well-Oiled Destructive Machine

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Boom Beach HQ Guides and Wiki By Commander RallyRandy

Many Task Forces operate differently and often struggle to work together effectively. This can make the difference between taking down that next operation and being stuck on the same one the Task Force has completed twenty times in the past. I am going to cover some different ways to help the Task Force you are in whether you are a Leader, Officer, or a Member.

Become a Productive Member of Task Force Society

Being an active member of your Task Force (TF) no matter how bad or good you are will earn you respect from your fellow members.

Many TFs have Intel limits or attack requirements, but if you are active enough in the game these should not be an issue. If your TF is too competitive, or not competitive enough, try looking around for one on the forums that may better suit you. The sooner you settle in somewhere where you are comfortable, the better.

  • Communicate with your TF, ask questions, and respect the Officers and Leaders.
» read the rest!

Task Force Operations Tactics Guide: Strategy and Tactics

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Whelp we did it folks. We cornered our tactician and forced him through a combination of coercion and cookies to write

40 long pages of detailed, in-depth tactics and analysis

for Task Force Operations.


, he escaped 5 hours in through an imaginative use of paper clips and hot pocket wrappers. We’ve released the dogs with orders to bring him back dead or alive.

Hmm? Dead or Alive? Well, he’ll be back.

That said, we did pull together several pages worth of Operation tactics and strategy which we are proud to call…


It’s so tactical we had to say it twice.

Give it a read, it’ll tell you all the ways to destroy those Task Force Strongholds, evade their traps, and sock the Power Core right in the jugular! Wa-POW!

Guaranteed! (BoomBeachHQ does not legally guarantee)

What are you waiting for? Go read it!

Boom Beach HQ Wiki
» read the rest!

Grenadier Update!

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Boom Beach Wiki New Unit Grenadier

New Unit Incoming! | The Grenadier
Rejoice commanders, a new powerful unit has joined the ranks and he’s ready to rock!

The Grenadier! Unlocked at HQ 16, the Grenadier deals area damage by lobbing his grenades from long range! Here’s a breakdown of some of his strengths and weaknesses.

  • The unit is a long-range infantry able to fire AOE grenades (though very inaccurately).
  • His range is the greatest among any troop, even tanks, meaning that he can sit safely behind tanks in order to deal out lots of damage.
  • He can attack Flamethrowers, Machine Guns, and Cannons from outside their range!
  • The damage strikes in a small AOE, and the difference/drawback between him and a Zooka is that the time between his shots is much longer, his shots are inaccurate, and his unit size is 3 times as large as a Zooka (6 size/unit).
  • His health places him higher than Riflemen and just under Warriors. He can take a hit, but it isn’t necessarily his forte!

» read the rest!

Checkin’ the Numbers – Intel

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Boom Beach Wiki Intel

1st post of a new series of articles! In this series, we are doing MATH and taking a hard look at the numbers of Boom Beach and summarizing it so you don’t have to!

For today’s topic we’re starting off with something relevant to the latest Task Force patch: Intel.

And more specifically what you need to do to get the 2nd Intel for Base Defense.

First, a recap:

Intel can be earned 3 ways:

  • 1 Intel for defeating an NPC base (25% chance)
  • 1 Intel for defeating a Player Base (50% chance)
  • 1 to 2 Intel for destroying enemy troops during a base defense

The first two options are pretty straight-forward.

You’ll get on average 1 Intel for every 4 NPC bases you destroy and 1 Intel for every 2 Player bases you destroy. By no means is this a guarantee as it is ‘by chance’ and you’ll probably see your fair share of hot and cold streaks that average out.» read the rest!