Website Maintenance Tonight!

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bbhq_graphic_banner_upgradepriority Hello Commanders!

We’re upgrading our website hosting tonight to make things run smoother and faster around here! That means the website will be unavailable starting at 9:30AM GMT July 4th for a few hours, but after that we will be back up and running faster than ever!

Also more articles and videos from your favorite authors and YouTubers are on the way, so check back later!

Till then, hasta la vista baby!» read the rest!

Holy Toledo, we’ve got some writers inbound!

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Boom Beach HQ Guides and Wiki Thank you everyone who answered the call for writers!

These past few days we’ve read over 200 applications from players far and wide. It was a difficult decision picking the top writers as all of you brought something interesting and fun to the table!

However, for now we could only accept a fraction of those as finalists! If you didn’t receive a response, don’t worry – there may be an opportunity in the future!

As for the finalists, congratulations!

Guides and articles written by them will be posted in the coming days so look forward to it!» read the rest!

Recruiting Talented Boom Beach Players! Write on BoomBeachHQ!

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Are you great at Boom Beach?

Do you know the best ways of attacking with Heavy Zooka or navigating a minefield with Smoky Warriors?

Are you the leader of a big Task Force climbing the boards and looking for some fresh recruits?

Then perhaps you can be a BoomBeachHQ writer!

We’re looking for some talented players and writers to join our team of Boom Beach guide writers. We know there are lots out of good players out there, and we’d like to see you here too!

  • Write Guides on Boom Beach Strategies or Mechanics
  • Advertise your Task Force for Recruitment
  • Have your guide read by thousands of other Boom Beach enthusiasts!
If you think you have the chops, apply here! » read the rest!

Grenadier Update!

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Boom Beach Wiki New Unit Grenadier

New Unit Incoming! | The Grenadier
Rejoice commanders, a new powerful unit has joined the ranks and he’s ready to rock!

The Grenadier! Unlocked at HQ 16, the Grenadier deals area damage by lobbing his grenades from long range! Here’s a breakdown of some of his strengths and weaknesses.

  • The unit is a long-range infantry able to fire AOE grenades (though very inaccurately).
  • His range is the greatest among any troop, even tanks, meaning that he can sit safely behind tanks in order to deal out lots of damage.
  • He can attack Flamethrowers, Machine Guns, and Cannons from outside their range!
  • The damage strikes in a small AOE, and the difference/drawback between him and a Zooka is that the time between his shots is much longer, his shots are inaccurate, and his unit size is 3 times as large as a Zooka (6 size/unit).
  • His health places him higher than Riflemen and just under Warriors. He can take a hit, but it isn’t necessarily his forte!

» read the rest!

Update: Invasion Cap and Rate Changes

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Boom Beach Wiki Task Force Invasion Cap

The latest Task Force update brought about a lot of great and interesting social and competitive content.

However, there were also some hotly debated topics about the changes to the invasion rate and the cap – namely that the maximum number of enemy bases a player could have on their map was greatly reduced.

  • The max number of enemy bases on the map was 24 bases at radar level 20 and even lower for other levels of radar
  • This meant that players who had more than the max allowable enemy bases on their map would not see any new invasions come, even if they waited for several hours or days.
  • Also players who had cleared their map would not necessarily get invaded very quickly as the rate and chance of invasions was reduced.
  • Since getting invaded is based on chance, it was theoretically possible to never get invaded if you were really, really unlucky.

While the rates were low after the Task Force update, SuperCell released an update today to help fix some of the issues with the invasion cap and invasion rates.» read the rest!