Unlimited Diamond Hack – Creative Mode
This is a fun, temporary hack that will allow you to get unlimited diamonds in offline mode. This will not allow you to change your online base permanently, but is a fun way to explore all the buildings and upgrades available in the game as well as lay out your ultimate base.

Also see NickAtNyte @TeachBoomBeach’s Full Tutorial!

Boom Beach Unlimited Diamond Hack/Cheat + Achievement Hack + Full Tutorial!

You may want to make sure you have your Game Center account linked to Boom Beach before attempting this. Here are the steps to getting unlimited diamonds:

  1. Install an application called iFile, this can only be done if you have a jail broken device.
  2. Open iFile and find the Boom Beach under “Applications” (Should be folder 369CF0ED-F105, but you can see the name of the game after you open the folder.)
  3. Open the “Boom Beach.app” folder followed by the “res” folder and then the “csv” folder. Your path should look like this “Applications/369CF0ED…/Boom Beach.app/res/csv”
  4. Open the achievements.csv with the Text Editor.
  5. Now you want to change one of the achievements you are earning next. Make sure you remember which numbers you change, because you will have to change them back later for the game to work! For example if you changed “TID_ACHIEVEMENT_LOOT_GOLD”,”loot”,1000000,”Resource1″,10 to “TID_ACHIEVEMENT_LOOT_GOLD”,”loot”,500,”Resource1″,99999999 then you will only need 500 rather than 1,000,000 looted gold to unlock 99,999,999 diamonds.
  6. Save and quit iFile, then open Boom Beach.
  7. Change your internet settings to Airplane Mode since you cannot do this online.
  8. Claim your Diamonds and play around with your multi-million diamond base!
  • Note: In order to launch Boom Beach in online mode, undo the changes you made to the achievements.csv”
  • Make sure you change an achievement you haven’t completed already.
  • Don’t mess with the other text in the file since it is what makes the game run properly
  • If you mess up your game file, you can fix it by reinstalling Boom Beach. However, make sure you have Boom Beach linked to your Game Center or it will delete your data when you uninstall.