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Boom Beach Wiki Intel

1st post of a new series of articles! In this series, we are doing MATH and taking a hard look at the numbers of Boom Beach and summarizing it so you don’t have to!

For today’s topic we’re starting off with something relevant to the latest Task Force patch: Intel.

And more specifically what you need to do to get the 2nd Intel for Base Defense.

First, a recap:

Intel can be earned 3 ways:

  • 1 Intel for defeating an NPC base (25% chance)
  • 1 Intel for defeating a Player Base (50% chance)
  • 1 to 2 Intel for destroying enemy troops during a base defense

The first two options are pretty straight-forward.

You’ll get on average 1 Intel for every 4 NPC bases you destroy and 1 Intel for every 2 Player bases you destroy. By no means is this a guarantee as it is ‘by chance’ and you’ll probably see your fair share of hot and cold streaks that average out.

The last one, base defense, is interesting though as you can get up to 2 Intel for a base defense. However, getting the 2nd piece of Intel is a bit of luck and a strategic and well-positioned base. Need help improving your base? Check out some tips and guides we’ve done here!

To get the first piece of Intel, you need to successfully destroy 10+ size worth of enemy troops units.

  • e.g. Each Rifleman counts as 1 size worth as it takes up 1 spot on a landing craft whereas Warriors count as 3 size worth each.
  • So you would need to destroy at least 10 riflemen or 4 warriors to get 10+ worth of units destroyed.

Now this is where chance and the fortitude of your base come in.

>> Your chance of getting the 2nd piece of Intel from a base defense depends on how many size worth of troops you destroy during that defense.

How does it scale you ask?

>> If you destroy 25-44 worth of troops, you have a 5% chance of getting a 2nd Intel. If you destroy 45-69 worth of troops, you have a 10% chance of getting the 2nd Intel. 70-99? 25% chance, etc.

Now that’s fine’n’dandy, but wot does 70 size worth of troops look like anyway?

>> Well in the simplest terms, it could be 70 Riflemen. Alternatively it could be 24 Warriors in a mass warrior rush. Or 9 Tanks in a mass tank strategy. To get a better idea of the numbers and chances of getting that second intel, checkout the table at the bottom (numbers rounded for convenience).

Anyways, that about wraps it up for this session of Checkin’ the Numbers. Hope that helps you Master Strategists out there and good luck on the front!

– mmMmm BBHQcurry

2nd Intel Drop Table
Destroyed Unit Worth 10 25 45 70 100 135 175
2nd Intel Chance 0% 5% 10% 25% 50% 70% 100%
Mass Riflemen 10 Riflemen 25 Riflemen 45 Riflemen 70 Riflemen 100 Riflemen 135 Riflemen 175 Riflemen
Warrior Rush 4 Warriors 9 Warriors 15 Warriors 24 Warriors 34 Warriors 45 Warriors 59 Warriors
Hooka 1 Heavy , 3 Zookas 2 Heavies, 9 Zookas 4 Heavies, 15 Zookas 6 Heavies, 23 Zookas 8 Heavies, 34 Zookas 12 Heavies, 44 Zookas 12 Heavies, 64 Zookas
Mass Tanks 2 Tanks 4 Tanks 6 Tanks 9 Tanks 13 Tanks 17 Tanks 22 Tanks