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Hey commanders! Welcome to the Journal, your field guide to the powerful and varied Boom Beach Arsenal. We turn it up this week with the Flamethrower, the devastating short range burst defense.

Key Characteristics

Boom Beach HQ Wiki Flamethrower
Unlocked at HQ Level 9
Attack Range
Boom Beach HQ Wiki HQ Flamethrower Range

Offensive Application

Flamethrowers start peppering your opponents’ bases soon after you’ve unlocked Warriors as a natural counter. They deal a lot of damage in the initial spray and cause your units to burn over time. The fiery parting gift makes them much more potent against swarms than similar garrisons such as Mortars.

How to fight against Mortars:

  • Flamethrowers are absolutely lethal against Riflemen and Warriors. The best strategy is non-conflict: avoid Flamethrowers if possible, even if it means walking into a stack of Sniper Towers. Thankfully, their short range will make this a much easier task.
  • When you absolutely must deal with one of these defenses head-on, such as in the case where it’s immediately next to the enemy HQ, use your Gunboat! Shock Bombs are a little more efficient for the energy cost, but don’t be afraid to bust out multiple Artillery shots.
  • Medkits can give your troops reprieve from the burning aftereffect, but not the direct spray – time your Medkit just ahead of your army so that your troops can heal while they walk to the next target.
  • Of course, all of this is moot if you’re fielding Tanks or Zookas. Their advanced range allow them to bombard Flamethrowers from afar with impunity.

Defensive Application

Flamethrowers unlock early and can be very powerful against initial opponents that rush with Heavies and Riflemen, forcing them to change their tactics entirely. Later on in the game, they’re excellent role-players, providing a good funnel for enemy troops that want to avoid their wrath and defending your HQ from Warriors.

A couple of tips:

  • Fortify your Headquarters with a Flamethrower, placing the defense on the side closest to the beach. This lets the flames reach all potential Warrior rushes, and ensuring if your enemy busts out a Shock Bomb, they’ll paralyze their Warriors as well.
  • Pair Flamethrowers with a Sniper Tower or two (spaced apart from each other) to give them some insurance against enemy Zookas.
  • Enemies focusing on your Flamethrowers with a huge swarm of Riflemen can win the fight with timely Medkits. Punish this strategy by putting Mortars just outside the burning range, allowing the bombs to hit the healing troops.
  • Flamethrowers are excellent buddies with Rocket Launchers. Because many opponents will try to sprint to the Rocket’s blind spot; make that a non-option by stationing a Flamethrower there. Your opponent will be forced to Shock Bomb or Artillery the defense, draining them of valuable energy that could be used on Flares and heals.

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Best of luck storming those beaches!