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Hey commanders! Welcome to the Journal, your field guide to the powerful and varied Boom Beach Arsenal. Up on the roster Mortar, a slow-arming but much needed area attack defense.

Key Characteristics

Boom Beach  Mortar
Unlocked at HQ Level 3
Attack Range
Boom Beach HQ Wiki Mortar Range

Offensive Application

Opposing Mortars start showing up in enemy bases at the way beginning of your command, and can be a problem for early-on full Riflemen assaults. Later in the game they mostly act as a movement deterrent – a base structure that can be easily countered but require you to spend Gunboat energy to evade or approach an enemy base from a forced angle.

How to fight against Mortars:

  • Mortars reload extremely slowly. Use this fact to move your troops either into their blindspots or evade them entirely. Be careful when using Flares – we recommend you zoom in your view to the farthest level to make sure you tap on the ground just before the Mortar, and not on it.
  • At the way beginning of the game, when you’re fielding just Riflemen and a Heavy or two, prioritize destroying enemy Mortars with your Gunboat to have an easier time with the attack.
  • Medkits can allow your troops to completely ignore the damage from a single Mortar structure. Keep this in mind if you don’t want additional movement from using a Flare.
  • Warriors against exceptional against Mortars. Warriors move fast, and can either get into blindspots quickly or leave the defenses in the dust entirely. Warriors can also outheal the damage output of a single Mortar with the regenerative properties of their hammers.

Defensive Application

Because Mortars are one of the first to unlock in the game, it is important to master their placement early. In the early game, Mortars are excellent against the Riflemen swarms that most of your opponents will use, and can be an excellent deterrent.

A couple of tips:

  • Definitely plan around your Mortars’ blind spots. We recommend pairing each Mortar with a Sniper Tower to prevent any easy holes in your defensive line. Make sure you don’t space them next to each other so enemies can’t nail multiple turrets with Gunboat fire.
  • Keep your Mortars behind the front lines. Because the bomb is slow-moving, you’ll want them to fire just as the enemy’s forces are clumped up. Putting Mortars close to the beach is a bad idea as they’ll likely target (and miss) single units.
  • Mortars should be used to defend structures that are strong against single-targets, but weak against swarms, such as Boom Cannons.
  • It is imperative for any base to hold its own against Warriors. Keep your Mortar in range of your Headquarters to ensure that you can handle clumps of melee attackers.

Get More In Depth!

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Best of luck storming those beaches!