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Hey commanders! Welcome to the Journal, your field guide to the powerful and varied Boom Beach Arsenal. Today we’ll take a look at the Rocket Launcher, a devastating long range bombardment defense.

Key Characteristics

Boom Beach Rocket Launcher
Unlocked at HQ Level 13
Attack Range
Boom Beach Rocket Launcher Range

Offensive Application

You’re going to face off against Rocket Launchers early on in your campaign, primarily in NPC levels and opponents’ Resource Bases. Sometimes it’ll even be at a point in the game where your only troops are Riflemen or Heavies – units that Rockets eat for breakfast. However, with concentration and a liberal use of Flares, you can make the best of a dangerous situation.

Here are a couple of specific combat tips when attacking:

  • Maneuvering into the Rocket’s blind spot is by far the most efficient way to take them down. Flare your troops into the zone just in front of the Rocket, even if it means taking sporadic fire from Machine Guns or Mortars along the way.
  • Shock Bombs once unlocked are a top asset against Rockets if you’re fielding a swarm of foot soldiers. Figure out the earliest range that you need to shield your troops!
  • Rockets have a long and potentially predictable reload time. You’ll quickly get used to the timing after facing them a couple of times – use that knowledge to time your Shock Bombs and Flares, and get a crucial few seconds of reprieve in combat.
  • Don’t use Zookas against rockets. Not only will they be quickly mowed down by the barrage of rockets, their range is greater than the rockets’ blind spot, meaning they’ll foolishly remain in danger territory.
  • Rockets are extremely accurate against slow-moving or stationary targets, meaning Heavies are at a disadvantage. Warriors, if assisted by Shock Bombs or Smoke (to shield them from roving Flamethrowers or Cannons), can be extremely effective at getting inside the Rockets’ blind spot and wrecking havoc.

Defensive Application

Good work on getting to a high enough clearance to acquire these missile batteries for your main base! As the penultimate defense to unlock, you’ve certainly had to deal with plenty of these in your quest to HQ level 13 – and now you can use them against your enemies!

Here’s our recommendations on getting the most out of your shiny new toys:

  • Take particular advantage of the extreme range. Position your launcher way behind your base, such that the enemy needs to fight through your entire gauntlet of defenses before reaching it. This also effective against Shock Bomb tactics.
  • If you have two Rocket Launchers, make sure their blind spots don’t overlap. In fact, we recommend putting a building or two worth of distance between the blind spots to ensure an extra salvo of rockets hit the enemy while they march over to your next one.
  • The Rocket Launcher is at its best when covering for other defenses’ weaknesses – Boom Cannons, for example, are weak to swarms of riflemen. Pair them to improve your base survivability.
  • If you’re having trouble hitting nimble moving Warriors, use your non-essential buildings like Residences as a distraction to get them stationary or blocked off. Your opponent will need to use Flares to prevent the slaughter, expending their Energy.

Get More In Depth!

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Best of luck storming those beaches!