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Hey commanders! Welcome to the Journal, your field guide to the powerful and varied Boom Beach Arsenal. We’re scoped this week on the Sniper Tower, the classic standby for defending your base.

Key Characteristics

Boom Beach HQ Wiki Sniper Tower
Unlocked at HQ Level 1
Attack Range
Boom Beach HQ Wiki HQ Sniper Tower Range

Offensive Application

Sniper Towers are everywhere. Makes sense, since it’s gotta be cheaper to put a guy with a rifle on top of a building than build some state of the art rocket system. Overlook them at your own peril though, as Sniper Towers remain useful well after you’ve unlocked the full extent of your armory.

How to assault Sniper Towers:

  • In the early game, Heavies are great against Sniper Towers because of their bulky HP pool. You can use this tanking strategy until your opponent reinforces with Machine Guns or Mortars, at which time you should consider using avoidance tactics or Artillery fire.
  • Sniper Towers shoot fairly slowly. Once you can load up 8 or more Riflemen in a single Landing Craft, you can almost ignore individual Sniper Towers by swarming them. Sure you’ll sustain a casualty or two, but the conserved Gunboat energy can give you an edge against tougher defenses.
  • Don’t rush your Warriors into Sniper Towers – the accuracy and spike damage of these defenses are good against your speed & heal strategies. Consider approaching the enemy base from a point more guarded by Mortars or Machine Guns instead.
  • Use Flares liberally. Most enemy commanders have figured out how to place their civilian buildings to bolster their defenses, so if you’re not careful your troops will be sitting ducks as they take down less-than-important targets. Confront the towers head on instead of trying to run past.

Defensive Application

A couple of tips:

  • Sniper Towers increase in damage output as you upgrade them, but not in firing rate. This makes them weaker and weaker against swarms of Riflemen over time, as your opponent can bring more and more troops to the fight but you can still only shoot a single target at the same slow pace.
  • Space out your Sniper Towers. Their range is potent, so your opponent will likely try to engage them with Shock Bombs or sheer unit numbers rather than avoiding them. Stop this counter by making your defenses stronger against Gunboat tactics.
  • Place Flamethrowers and Mortars behind your Sniper Towers to give them natural cover and ward off enemy Zookas.
  • Unlike Cannons and Flamethrowers, it’s not critical to put Sniper Towers right next to your HQ. Instead, garrison them near your front lines. The sight of a well-upgraded Sniper Tower between HQ stage 1 through 6 can ward off many attackers by itself.

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Best of luck storming those beaches!