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The biggest update. to. date. This is one helluva update and way too much to cover in just one post!

That said, we’re making a section for all Task Force related information in the second post.

See all the other changes below!

Economy and Gameplay Updates |
Boom Beach Task Force Update
Some major updates occurred that will change the way you fight!
Dr. Terror got a couple pretty nasty buffs in the latest update, so taking his dark stones and resources is getting tougher! In addition the economy resource gain and requirements have been shuffled around a bit making free diamonds less common but also reducing build times and increasing the resource worth of each diamond.
  • Gunboat abilities now display countdown timers where they land, showing how much longer their effects will last. A very nice game changer, helping players make more efficient and tactical moves.
  • Dr. Terror now has shock launchers on higher stages which could potentially put a damper on smokey warrior strategies.
  • Dr. Terror now has Ice Statues. Truly a chilling thought!
  • Treasure chests don’t spawn as often :(
  • Dive Locations spawn more often :)
  • Even faster invasion rate when the map has fewer opponents (meaning you get more bases to blow up sooner when your map is clear) 😀
  • Slower invasion rate when the map has lots of opponents
  • To balance the above two points, your map won’t be able to house as many total invasions at any one time (which means a less overwhelmingly full map at times and slightly increased gold from freed villages)
  • Shorter build times for high level building upgrades!
  • More expensive Diamond speedups (this is to balance the above point)
  • Less expensive resource purchases with Diamonds
UI and Graphics |
Boom Beach Task Force Update

As with past updates, the Boom Beach dev team has continued raising the bar on the game’s looks, with some pretty flavorful additions to boot. Also, check out that high-res beard! Majestic!

  • Weather effects have been added to tropical and volcanic islands, with the possibility of rain on the former and ash particles falling form the sky on the latter.
  • Armory usability improvements
  • Extra hint for Power Stone popover if the Sculptor hasn’t been built
  • Online warning is now a less intrusive clickable icon (this appears after being online for 4 hours in a 24 hour period)
  • Enemy Activity no longer auto-opens when entering the map screen
  • The #1 player also got some exclusive honors! The #1 player’s gold badge now gets better with age! The longer he/she holds the top spot, the cooler your badge will become! Tapping a player’s gold badge now shows more info.