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Boom Beach Task Force Update


This is the update we’ve all been waiting for. Multiplayer. Cooperative. Boom Beach.

Sing it with my now! AWWWWW YEAAAA!

Easily the most anticipated update to Boom Beach, we’re finally ready to reveal it all! Let’s get to it!

What are Task Forces and Operations |
In case you missed it, Task Forces are groups of up to 5, 10, 20, or 50 players that can band together to take down Blackguard bases through missions called “Operations”
  • Operations consist of multiple bases. For example Operation Milkforce, the first operation, has 2 bases that need to fall in order to complete the operation. Base defenses are similar to Dr. Terror stages on a much larger scale, and the bases can even have defensive boosting statues to make things harder!
  • Instead of an HQ, players try to destroy the large Power Core that is the central hub of each base.
  • Where Task Force missions are unique from other NPC missions is that they promote coordination and teamwork with your fellow teammates.
  • This is accomplished through:
    1. New Task Force specific chat box for communication
    2. A limited number of attacks (each Task Force member can only attack one base per operation)
    3. A limited number of resources (in order to undertake an operation, Task Forces must expend Intel gathered from NPC and Player Bases on the standard world map)
    4. And strategically destroying defenses and buildings as any damage dealt or buildings destroyed will remain damaged or destroyed when your next teammate attacks.
  • These factors can greatly influence how efficient and successful your Task Force is during the operation.
  • Only one operation can be activated every 24 hours, so to earn the most Force Points for the leaderboards, the highest level Operation should be attempted.
  • Bigger Task Forces can take on more difficult operations and potentially get greater rewards, but the challenge of successfully coordinating at a larger scale should be considered!
Spoils of War | Diamonds, Resources, Fame
Boom Beach Task Force Update

Leaderboard position and rewards earned are determined by the number of Force Points received from each operation. How these mechanics work is described below:

  • Each building destroyed during an operation rewards 1 Force Point
  • Destroying the Power Base’s Core automatically rewards the maximum amount of Force Points for that base
  • Force Points accumulate as you complete more Operations, but they also decrease by 1% 5% of your Task Force’s total daily. This means you must complete Operations daily in order to raise or maintain your Task Force’s leaderboard rank.
  • Once an operation is completed (all power bases are destroyed, all attacks spent, or 24 hours has elapsed), the operation reward is delivered to your home base via boat
  • All members of the Task Force receive the operation reward regardless of the damage they dealt during the operation.
  • Rewards are similar to daily VP rewards with options of Diamonds, Wood, Stone, Gold, Power Stones, etc.
  • The operation reward amount is determined by your XP level and the number of Force Points acquired with harder bases having more Force Points available and thus greater possible rewards
How to Get Started with a Task Force |
Boom Beach Task Force Update

So how do you get started? Well, first you need to join or create a Task Force

  • Task Forces first become available at HQ 6
  • Task Forces start at 5 and can be increased to 10, 20, or 50 members in size.

    Find a Task Force to join here!

  • Once the max size of a Task Force is increased, it can never be lowered.
  • If creating a Task Force, you can customize your emblem and VP entry requirements.
  • You can only be part of one Task Force at a time.
  • As a Task Force, you will need to collect Intel before commencing an Operation. Intel is used as a resource in order to start Operations on the multiplayer map. Higher level bases require more Intel to attack but also reward more resources and Force Points.
  • Each member of a Task Force can gather Intel independently that contributes to the total Intel of the Task Force.
    1. Intel is gathered from attacking NPC and player bases on the regular map
    2. 1 Intel is awarded by chance at 25% for NPC bases and 50% for player bases (like power stones, but at a much higher rate)
    3. You can also gain Intel from successful base defenses as well similar to how diamonds are earned.
  • Only the TF Leader or Officers can start an operation
  • Intel contribution from each member of the Task Force is visible to everyone
  • Intel contribution numbers are reset each week, but the accumulated Intel does not reset
  • If you leave or are kicked from a Task Force, you do not keep the Intel. It stays with the Task Force