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Ok that last one was a stretch, sorry about that, should have stuck with “renovations”. But today’s topic is about managing your gold and troops to get the most out of them.

It’s a little bit of strategy, a little lesser known tricks, but overall some good ways to keep your base and troops growing bigger and stronger.

Also these easy tips can save you dozens of diamonds, costly raids, and even some time replenishing your troops.

Mini-Banks and Gold Upgrades | Troop Swapping
Some people have too much gold. If you are one of those people, ok maybe this isn’t for you, but personally I always have a new unit or gunboat upgrade I’d like to buy and saving up for it can take a long time and put you at risk for a raid. In this situation, maybe you used to drop 50-100 diamonds to pay for the rest, but you may be able to save those diamonds by simply reshuffling your troops to cheaper units.

When you switch out your troops with another type, you either pay the difference in gold (if it’s higher) or get a gold refund if the cost of the new troops is lower. For example I usually have 2-3 tanks loaded up on each landing craft (some very expensive units), and by switching to riflemen temporarily,

I get 100,000+ gold more to spend towards my upgrades.

If I cancel the troop training while it is switching troops?

I get 170,000 extra gold to spend! This also works in reverse as you can use your landing crafts as a mini-bank to store “gold” in the form of expensive troops. Might be best before logging off for the night.

Boom Beach Task Force Update

Greed is good, and saving up that extra gold could help make your troops a powerhouse.

Saving Private Ryans | Smoke Screen for Cover
If you run Medics, Warriors, and/or Tanks, you have probably noticed that a few seconds more or a little more healing could have been the difference between easily beating a base or spending the next 30 mins waiting to try round 2, 3, 4.

Here’s where smoke screens come in. Most often used with Warrior rushes to get them past major defenses, Smoke Screens prevent defenses from firing at your units under the smoke but also prevent your units from attacking. They are also very useful in saving your troops, especially when running strategies with Medics or Tanks. In the former case, while no units under a smokescreen can attack or be attacked, Medics will still heal all nearby units even if all the units are under the smoke screen. For a mere 2 or 3 energy you maybe be able to give your troops a much-needed break to heal up before pressing the attack.

As for tanks, they are very costly to build and losing a tank during a battle also greatly reduces your force’s damage output. Smoking a tank that is getting focused by a sniper tower could help keep it alive until your other forces destroy the threat, thus giving you an extra tank to deal damage later and saving you time and gold from having to rebuild your army.

Boom Beach Task Force Update

Give this girl another life by saving her with a smokescreen.

Take All You Want | Eat Everything You Take
A simple rule that most Boomers (and people with good table-manners) are familiar with: when you take lots of resources, use them. This way you’ll lose less should your base get raided.

However, a lesser known fact is that the longer you have a surplus of resources in your base, the more likely you will appear on another player’s map with those resources even though you may have spent them days ago. The reason for this is that whenever a player scouts you, a snapshot of your resources at that time will be saved. If they raid you, they will take the listed bounty even if your resources have changed since that time. Thus holding onto a surplus of resources for a long time will increase the chances people scout your base when you have a lot of resources, and as a result you will lose more from raids.

Hope these tips help you squeeze out every advantage and best of luck out there!