Table of Contents
All about Statues
Find information about the powerful Statues and how to collect power stones to create them!
  • All statue types
  • How to obtain power stones
  • Best bonuses
Attack Strategies
Having a tough time cracking an enemy’s base? Find battle analysis examples to improve your game or submit your own base to get it featured!
  • Attack analysis of different bases
  • Submit your own troublesome enemy to get feedback
  • Get your submission featured
Beginner’s Guide
Get some killer tips for getting the best start in Boom Beach with lots of detailed hints and strategies!
  • Building Placement and Base Defense Strategies
  • Proper Upgrade Order
  • Raiding Tips
  • About Resource Bases
  • What to do with Diamonds
  • FAQ
Defense Boot Camp
Having trouble with players raiding your base? Looking to improve your defenses and destroy your invaders? Check out this section to learn more!
  • Base Defense Strategies
  • Updated Weekly with New Examples
  • Submit your own base with a chance of being featured!
Top 5 Things you Wish you Knew When you Started
Things you wish you knew when you were starting out!
  • Buildings Sleeping on the Job
  • The Trees, They Do Nothing!
  • And More!