Welcome to the Offense Boot Camp. You’ve got a lot of battles ahead of you, so studying up on attack strategies is key. I will be giving you specific examples and answering your questions to expedite your rise to the top! [we can’t all be Ting on day one ya know ;)]

Oh yeah, if you ever come across a really great base, or one that you just can’t seem to beat, take a screen shot, upload it to imgur, and send the form here. We’ll check it out and see if it deserves the Hall of Fame!

BobbyTrap’s Level 22 Resource Base Attack Guide

Thanks to Commander BobbyTrap for submitting this tough cookie! Level 22 Base Attack Strategy

At First Glance:

This is a tough resource base. Lots of high level defenses, densely packed, and with various types of defenses equipped to deal with basic rushes.

The Flamethrowers here discourage any type of Warrior strategy here as you can’t get close enough to the sniper towers or the HQ without going through those flames. Even if they are barraged or hit with artillery, there are still the cannons to contend with.

The Sniper Towers are well placed as they are covered by the other defenses and trying to destroy them will likely draw fire from the cannons, mortars, and flamethrowers.

Ideal Troop Composition: Tanks (if you can take out a cannon), Heavy/Zooka

General Strategy:

While this base is balanced and densely packed, the key here is to take apart one side of it and avoid the other side’s defenses.

The left side of the base is more vulnerable since it is both closer to the beach, and the cannon on the right side is further away from attacking troops on the left side. Thus we’ll focus on bringing down the left side of the base.

To start, removing the cannon is the first order of business, and this can be done either with a barrage or a couple artillery shots. Once the cannon is removed, there are no defenses on the left side that can deal with Heavies or Tanks very quickly. Position your troops so they approach from the left side as close to the treeline as possible – this will help put them in position to avoid fire from the Sniper Tower and other defenses on the right side. If you have enough energy to take out a building for sure, you might be able to hit both the Mortar and the Cannon in the back by hitting the corner exactly where they touch. Based on your troop composition, the strategy changes from here on out.

  • Tanks would especially excel here because once the cannon is destroyed, they only need to destroy the Sniper Tower before they could hit the Flamethrower and the HQ from out of range of the other cannon and major defenses.
  • If running Heavy/Zooka, after destroying the cannon you’ll want to attack the Sniper Tower from its left side and Shock Bomb it and the Flamethrower (the Mortar as well if you are lucky). Once the Sniper Tower is destroyed, the troops can turn on the Flamethrower and then the HQ. They’ll likely take some damage from the Mortar and possibly the Cannon, but they should be able to hit the HQ from range and survive long enough to destroy the HQ. After clearing some of the defenses, if you have enough Artillery/Barrage to destroy one more building for sure, I would aim for the Mortar on the left side. The reason is – while the Heavies might die to the Cannon and Sniper Tower while attacking the HQ, the Zookas will be well out of range and could only be targeted by the Mortar.

Hope that helps and good luck!

YousefZad’s Level 29 Base Attack Guide

Let’s all take a moment and congratulate Commander YousefZad in being chosen in today’s random base destruction breakdown! Level 29 Base Attack Strategy

At First Glance:

Immediately, I’m going to come out and say that this base is a bit difficult to take in. Not very much is symmetrical and everything is very close together. This can actually be a very good strategy as it discourages some people from attacking. No clear-cut solution immediately presents itself and that in itself can be a deterrent.

Once I’ve gotten a hold on the situation, I can see that there are two cannons toward the back of YousefZad’s base that are basically null. They are too far back to be of any use in defending his HQ. This is one of the drawbacks of putting your HQ on the side before you can really remove a lot of trees and push everything back.

I like how the mines are seemingly randomly placed. The idea is that if you get anywhere near the HQ, you’re going to get blowed up. Also, the Flamethrowers right next to the HQ can be a good deterrent against warriors rushing the HQ.

Ideal Troop Composition: Tanks (if you can take out both cannons), Heavy/Zooka/Riflemen

General Strategy:

I see that a lot of YousefZad’s buildings are left exposed towards the beach front. It only seems reasonable that we go and collect some rent on the residences while we’re in town for our visit, doesn’t it? Let us go ahead and land our landing craft toward the middle of the beach and move in through the blue residences. After barraging the cannons to get rid of some of those mines, we can move forward and shock bomb the rest of the weapons while we make our final advance. Again, the idea here is to move far enough forward so that we can eventually retreat back to take back the HQ in peace.

Fuaad1404’s Level 27 Base Attack Guide

Big thank you to Commander Fuaad1404! This was a base I personally attack so I will tell it from the first person perspective. Level 27 Base Attack Strategy

At First Glance:

The first thing I usually look for in a base is number of cannons and also Cannon Placement. This base has 4 Cannons, but I believe I only need to interact with 3 of them if not 2 of them. I also notice the line of mines. This does not really bother me because some of them will be taken out from my mortar/barrage on the Cannon, but the rest can be safely ignored as I will punch through in only one spot, triggering only a small number of the mines with my Heavies, which can take the mine and much more.

Ideal Troop Composition:

  • Tank Squadron
  • Heavy/Zooka/Riflemen
With Troops Shown:

Clearly the optimal place to attack is the left side. A handful of free buildings to take out means that there is free energy to be had and free energy is directly proportional to how badly Fuaad1404 gets demolished. (Also proportional to how many troops survive).

So, starting on the left side of the beach, move the troops forward. Since the forward left-most cannon has already been taken out using a barrage, I only have to worry about the flamethrower with respect to my very flammable Riflemen. Moving up the left side, shock bombing while advancing and finally coming to the HQ is the general path to victory. Shock bombs are a staple of my assault strategy. I believe that more damage can be done (and less losses taken) if my troops are just left alone to do their work. Too much usage of Artillery and Barrage just means you’ll have no energy left when you wish you had a Medkit in a pinch.

With Tanks:

Using a Tank Battalion, my strategy would be very similar but with more weight given to the enemy Cannons.

  1. Artillery / Barrage enemy Cannons.
  2. Start Left side to destroy buildings / collect free energy.
  3. Shock Bomb weapons as much as possible.
  4. Snipe HQ while out of range of several weapons.

If you follow those instructions, you should be good to go!

X1202X’s Level 27 Base Attack Guide

Big thanks to X1202X for letting us do a breakdown on his base! Level 27 Base Attack Strategy

First Glance:

The first thing I notice when examining this base is that he clearly does not want us going up the left side. He’s made this clear with the exorbitant number of mines blocking the way. This is not a problem though, as I believe the shortest route to the HQ to usually be the best.

Ideal Troop Composition:

  • Tanks
  • Heavy/Zooka/Rifleman
  • Warriors
General Strategy:

As I’ll be heading up the right side, the first thing that I’m going to concern myself with is the two cannons. Unfortunately for us , they are not really close enough to take out with one artillery volley or a barrage, so we will be shock bombing them into submission. After the cannons are taken care of, the idea is to progress into the weapons only far enough so that we can use a flare and retreat back to take out the HQ in peace. Simple as that. Tanks have extra range, so they will need to take out less of the weapon stations before they can safely fire upon the HQ.

MrCafe’s Level 27 Resource Base Attack Guide
Level 27 Resource Base Assault Strategy

MrCafe and I have been going back and forth on this base for a few days now. It’s one of the bases that has two beach / entry points. The base is currently up at the top where I left it a few days ago. Previously, MrCafe decided that it would be a good idea to cramp all of the weapons and HQ right up onto the beach front¬. While this might be a good strategy sometimes, I believe that the majority of the time it leaves the base too exposed to the attacker.

At First Glance:

I see this base and I immediately take note of the three cannons. That in addition to the three Sniper Towers make me hesitate to throw Tanks into this battlefield. I also notice two big ‘ol flamethrowers which will melt away an all rifleman push. That’s not to mention the two mortars which would make mince meat out of my friend, the rifleman.

Ideal Troop Composition:

  • Heavy / Zooka / Riflemen
  • Heavy / Zooka
With Troop Composition Shown:

A fatal flaw in this base design is that it is not really set up at all. MrCafe basically just plopped everything down with no regards to any particular though process. Shame on you MrCafe. You have basically grouped your Cannons and I will take advantage of that fact by barraging them to death. This will leave you with approximately 0-1 cannon. Once this is done, I will come up from the bottom left side with my troops. I will wait until I get past the first mortar and closer to the flamethrowers to use my Shock Bomb. Once I do, this base should be toast. Shock and heal the troops and minimal casualties should be experienced.

Note: No resources were harmed in the making of this walkthrough.

BobbyTrap’s Level 22 Resource Base Attack Guide

Congratulations to BobbyTrap for being selected as the our first submitted Offense Boot Camp Base Review! Resource Base Strategy

At First Glance:

My first observation is that this base is symmetric. That is a good general idea in my book (for the base owner). This means that one side of the base will not be significantly stronger or weaker than the other side. For us attackers though, it means that we might be able to attack from one side and pick off weapons and not have to touch the other side.

General Strategy:

Unfortunately, we are unsure of BobbyTrap’s HQ level so we can’t ascertain if he has tanks or not so I will be writing a With Tanks and Without Tanks version of this guide.

With Tanks:

Assuming the invading force has tanks unlocked, he should proceed by taking at least one cannon out before invading. Note that the top-most Cannon / Mortar are close enough to take them both out with an Artillery shell. We recommend hitting that one and attacking from the right side.

The tanks should be able to out-range the weapons on the left hand side and take out the headquarters easily.

Without Tanks:

This base is a bit trickier without tanks, but it should be doable. Shock Bombs are going to be your friend in this scenario. Your warriors already heal themselves and using artillery will only take out 1-2 weapons. Shock bombs will provide periods of no damage that will allow your warriors to survive the longest and dish out the most damage to the buildings.

My recommendation would be to try and assault the right side and once the entire right side was taken out (with the help of 1 or so Shock Bombs) I would just shock the Sniper Tower, Cannon and Flamethrower on the left side while I took out the HQ as quickly as possible.

If this does not work, I would look into upgrading my Landing Craft ASAP. There is a plateau from 15 to 20 warriors. Once you reach 20 warriors, the difficulty of bases that you can take out improves significantly.

Hope this helps!

-Team BBHQ

Level 26 Resource Base Attack Guide
Resource Base Strategy Here’s a feisty resource base to break down but there are a couple ways to deal with it. The first strategy would require Tanks which could deal with this base fairly easily once the Boom Cannon is dealt with. Thus, artillery the Boom Cannon a few times and flare one of the Sniper Towers to deal with the greatest resistance. If you can’t afford tanks or would prefer a Heavy + Zooka combo, there are a couple extra steps.
  • Eliminate the Boom Cannon with artillery so it doesn’t destroy your Heavies
  • Land the troops on the right side of the beach and flare them into position to eliminate the sniper tower on the right.
  • Be careful about positioning your units as you want the Heavies to lead the charge and take all the mortar fire away from your Zookas.
Once the Boom Cannon is eliminated, there shouldn’t be too much resistance for this strategy.
Level 30 Resource Base Attack Guide
Thanks for the image submission from Commander Nubro! Lets see if we can’t help out Nubro with his resource base attack: What I would note first is that Nubro has tanks queued up ready for this attack. Cannons do double damage to tanks, so immediately I would change the troop composition. While many people would head for the Heavy + Zooka combo, I would go a different route here. I propose a mass Rifleman assault and here’s why:
  • Strength in numbers: It’s safe to assume that with 6 landing crafts, Nubro will have at least 72 (12 x 6) riflemen and losing a few would not be too costly.
  • Riflemen are excellent against cannons. There’s just too many targets for their rate of fire!
  • A well timed MedKit can negate enemy Machine Gun fire.
  • Using your Gunboat you can take out the Rocket Launcher which would shred your Riflemen
  • Shock Bombs will minimize Machine Gun casualties
  • Spreading out your Riflemen at the start will help to lessen Machine Gun splash damage.
So, to give a definitive work order, here is what I would do step by step:
  1. Artillery the Rocket Launcher. 3 shots should do it.
  2. Launch all of my Riflemen to take out the closest Machine Gun
  3. Shock Bomb the 3 grouped Machine guns
  4. Heal if you have the energy
  5. Charge into the cannons. Stunning will be more useful because I’d assume they could one-shot a Rifleman with full health (so healing at this point is not very useful)
  6. #profit
And there ya have it. Almost 14,000 wood the richer.
Level 21 Resource Base Attack Guide
Thanks to Commander AttemptedHero for the submission! This resource base is a bit tricky because of the defense composition. I look at this base and I know I’m immediately going to have to take out the Boom Cannon before I send any troops in. I would probably go with Warriors as their healing abilities would give them longevity while using Shock Bombs to protect their assault. Here is my step by step assualt:
  1. Take out the Boom Cannon with Artillery
  2. Send your Warriors up right side
  3. Shock Bomb the Sniper Tower and Machine Gun
  4. Work counter clockwise. Use a Barrage to take out the clustered Mines if possible.
  5. There’s going to be a number of casualties, but we should be the last one standing.
Heavy + Zooka Strategy (Hooka)

Heavy + Zooka is a solid strategy that will be relevant from HQ level 5 until the end of the game. The Zookas serve as the major damage dealer while the Heavies are the backbone and damage sponge protecting them. Some notes to keep in mind about this strategy.

  • Cannons and Boom Cannons are the bane of this strategy since they will destroy your Heavies and expose your Zookas to other fire. In most cases, destroy these structures first.
  • Beware of mortars or other defenses that might attack the Zookas from the side.
  • This strategy does not rush the HQ but rather clears the way to the HQ destroying all defenses along the way.
Warrior Strategy

Mass warriors can deal a lot of damage very quickly and can blitz a base or defenses before they can react.

  • Cannons and Boom Cannons are deadly to Warriors since they will destroy them in a single shot and negate the Warrior’s ability to heal themselves. In most cases, destroy these structures first.
  • Machine guns can also be deadly to Warriors if attacked head-on.
  • This strategy can rush an HQ by flaring the HQ and covering their path with smokescreens. Once the smoke lets up, shockbomb the defenses and destroy the HQ. With enough Warriors, the HQ can be destroyed in seconds.
More Bases
Hey, where are higher level base defenses?

Don’t worry, we’re working on this page and will be adding new ones soon – help us out by submitting screenshots of bases you think are really strong!

How to submit to us:

  1. Take a screenshot in game. Try to get the whole base in the picture.
  2. Upload that picture to a service like Imgur or Photobucket
  3. Send the link to that image to boombeachheadquarters.com!
  4. Title the subject of your email “Defense Boot Camp Screenshot”