Boom Beach HQ Wiki Beginner Guide
Afternoon Commander, and welcome to the shores of Boom Beach!

You’ve probably already met the Colonel, got acquainted with the locals, and set up a sweet little base – now you want to dive deeper to make the most of your troops and resources eh?

Well, Commander we’ve put together some good intel for you right here, so let’s get to it!

Building Placement and Base Defense
First order of business is customizing your base and building up your defenses. The HQ is the brain and the heart of your operation, your goal on defense is to keep this protected at all costs! Don’t make the mistake of not setting up your base when you start – It’s costly and avoidable!

Some Critical Tips:

  • Place your HQ at a hard to reach position with defenses covering the area around it – front, back and sides.
  • Protect your defensive structures with non-essential buildings by placing them near, but not touching them. Also simultaneously protect your non-essential buildings with your defenses as each building destroyed gives the enemy gunboat energy
  • Leave a small spacing (1 square) between buildings, especially defensive structures. If you don’t, Artillery can hit multiple buildings if the building’s edges or corners are touching.
  • They can kill all your buildings except your HQ and you’d still win.

Got the points above covered? Excellent. Now keep an eye on those trees! The enemy can run through the trees with the Flare ability. This means if you have your HQ backed into the trees, it is extremely vulnerable from the woods! Beginner Base with poor defenses Here’s a base that is not protecting its HQ with its defenses. Surround your HQ with defenses.

Aside from your HQ, you need to place your weapons strategically. Enemy units will automatically attack the next closest building, so by interspersing non-essential buildings with your weapons, you are giving yourself more time to eat away at the enemy’s health and energy.

Again, most importantly! Building spacing is vital in Boom Beach. Don’t give the enemy any freebies by letting them blow up more than one of your weapons at once with artillery.

You don’t have a lot of buildings in the beginning, but as your base becomes larger and gains more firepower, keeping these ideas in mind can be the difference between beating back invaders or losing half your resources.

Need more in-depth strategies for defenses? See some of our Base Defense Analyses here.

Game Style and Upgrade Order | How will you play?
There are two different schools of thought here in the Boom Forces.

Some guys want to go all out offense, attack-attack-attack. Others look for a more balanced approach, defending their turf and steadily claiming their enemies’ as their own. We’ll talk about both here, and maybe you’ll find your own path to be the best of both worlds.

Offense Strategy

  • Pros:
  • Very strong offense that can take on opponents of a higher level, and for the most part, raid anything in sight.
  • Contributes to Task Force missions through good military might.
  • Can quickly accumulate resources for expensive upgrades through raiding and thus advance through the HQ ranks swiftly.
  • Cons:
  • If you advance too quickly, eventually you will get matched with opponents 10-15 levels higher than you. This means you’ll have no targets or ways of generating resources. See how match making works here.
  • You will have to let opponent’s raid your base and HQ frequently in order to lose victory points and get matched with easier opponents
  • Your resources will be completely unprotected from raids so you cannot stockpile them for a big upgrade.
  • Little to no gems or intel will come from base defenses as your base will be extremely vulnerable
  • As one player has accurately described the cons of offense only, “This is just a consequence of playing offense on the edge of what’s possible. Sometimes you need to take your foot off the pedal for a while.”
Balanced/Defense Strategy
  • Pros:
  • Your defense will be good, potentially earning you lots of gems and intel from successful defenses.
  • You’ll have a well rounded economy to naturally generate resources when you aren’t raiding, and eventually you’ll build up a strong army as well getting the best of both worlds.
  • You’ll have a better understanding of base defenses, and this experience will assist you in raiding other bases
  • In case you can’t obtain all the resources you need for an upgrade in one day, you’ll have base defenses to help protect the resources till the next day
  • You’ll get to play the whole game rather than just the offense half of it
  • Cons:
  • You’ll advance slower due to splitting your upgrades between defense and offense.
Total War | Offense Strategy Upgrade Order
You aren’t here to make friends or build bases, you want to fight. This strategy focuses all of its efforts on building up a strong army at the expense of your base defense and natural economy. For this strategy, your upgrades are focused on your Landing Crafts, Gunboat, Armory, and HQ. You’ll also want to upgrade your storage buildings to house the spoils of war.
Boom Beach HQ Wiki Gunboat
The Gunboat and its Artillery weapon is critical in the early game. Upgrading the Gunboat lets you fire more shots, and should be done as early as possible. Also once you can obtain Dark Power Stones, Gunboat Energy Statues will be a game-changing asset.
Boom Beach HQ Wiki Landing Craft
Landing crafts can be upgraded fairly cheaply and each extra space on the craft could be another Rifleman to boost your attack or sometimes an extra heavy to increase your army’s tankiness. Also try to aim for certain level landing crafts as they get a lot better when you can squeeze an extra heavy onto them (Levels 4, 8, 12).
Boom Beach HQ Wiki Armory
The Armory will keep your troops in fighting shape and your gunboat ammunition potent. Of special note is upgrading your artillery so that it can dispatch key defenses (like cannons) in two shots rather than 3. This upgrade is worth its weight in gold and can be a single defining factor in beating a stronger opponent’s base!
The Heavy is a staple of most troop combinations, as he is the backbone that soaks up all the enemy fire and protects your Riflemen and Zookas. He should be strongly considered for upgrade to give him more health and a little more damage.
The Zooka is a very strong offensive unit and the other half of the very strong Heavy + Zooka (Hooka) combo. Upgrading her will increase your damage and give her a little more survivability if she should stumble across a mine.
  • Zookas have very powerful attack but are also fragile. Make sure to keep them out of harms way and behind Heavies or Riflemen to maximize their potential.
  • More info and strategy on Zookas here.
Artillery upgrades are good because the damage increase could decrease the number of shots you need to take to destroy a critical defense. The difference between firing 2 shots or 3 shots of artillery to destroy a defense is huge. A guaranteed useful upgrade at any time.

Did you know: Landing crafts can only hold one type of troop, and while upgrading, they can not be restocked with troops.

Full Metal Fortress | Defense and Balanced Strategy
When playing a balanced strategy, you’ll still follow the same rules for the offense strategy upgrades (Landing Crafts, Gunboat, Armory, etc), but you’ll also spend time and resources upgrading your defensive structures.

You’ll want make sure your defensive structures are kept reasonably up to date, but strategic placement is the most important part of defense. Keep in mind that while a structure is being upgraded it will not protect your base so you will be more vulnerable during this time.

Here’s a quick breakdown at what they are good at and roughly the order we like prioritizing them in.

Boom Beach HQ Wiki Beginner Guide Sniper Tower
The Sniper Tower has great range and damage and is relevant against almost every type of unit.
  • Sniper Towers should be positioned to protect lower range defenses as well as cover areas near the back and sides of your HQ.
  • Sniper Towers should be spread out to cover more area and avoid being targeted at the same time.
  • An upgraded Heavy can take a lot of shots from a sniper tower, so having high damage defenses like Cannons defending them is a good idea.
  • More info and strategy on sniper towers here.
Boom Beach HQ Wiki Beginner Guide Mortar
The Mortar can fire long range bombs which damage multiple units in an area.
  • Effective against masses of low HP units such as Zookas and Riflemen
  • Mortars are unable to hit close range targets, so other defensive structures should cover area near the mortar. Conversely, moving all units near a mortar will completely nullify them.
  • More info and strategy on mortars here.
Boom Beach HQ Wiki Beginner Strategy Guide Cannon
While unlocked a little later Cannons are good against tough targets and are the staple of all defenses.
  • Cannons are unlocked at level 6 HQ and are powerful against large HP targets like Heavies, Tanks, and Warriors.
  • Level 3 is a big turning point for your cannons at HQ levels 9 and under. At level 3, cannons have just enough HP (2370) to survive 2 artillery shots and will require a third to be destroyed. Upgrading your cannons to level 3 is a great way to keep opponents from having enough firepower to destroy them at HQ levels 1-9!
  • More info and strategy on cannons here.


On the other end of a balanced strategy is your economy. Storage buildings are extremely important in both strategies, because you will be wasting valuable resources if you hit your storage capacity and keep on attacking.

Otherwise the Vault deserves an honorable mention as it will greatly reduce the amount of resources you lose when you get raided. Get these up ASAP! Of course some attention should be paid attention to your Resource Production buildings (Sawmill, Quarry, Iron Mine) which will generate you hundreds of thousands of resources over time.

Special Mention: Your HQ

Boom Beach HQ Wiki Beginner Guide Headquarters

Unlike in Clash of Clans, you should level up your HQ at every opportunity!

Leveling up your HQ at every opportunity has no downside. Your matchmaking level is not determined based on your HQ level. This means that you can be having more buildings and better units for no significant penalty. Take advantage of this to get a leg up on your opponents!

See what you get at each HQ level!

Ready to Raid

So you’ve taken out some NPCs, made and upgraded a few buildings. Where are all of the real people you were promised you’d be able to crush under your well groomed army??

  • Upgrade your Radar to level 2 for you to start finding players on your map.This also means you’ve entered the attacking pool of everyone else.
  • As you upgrade your radar, you will find more players and islands to reclaim. Resource bases can be seen on your map (explore there first!)
  • Once a player shows up on your map, the game takes a “screenshot” of his resources. This doesn’t mean that they can’t continue upgrading or rearranging their base.
  • Your matchmaking score is directly based on the number of trophies you have. This means that you might sometimes find enemies that are not quite your level.
Thus before you upgrading your radar, you will want to make sure your defenses are upgraded and that you are ready for invasion. Here’s an excerpt from Supercell about how matchmaking works:
The new matchmaking will be based on the number of Victory Points a player has. We will try to match players with a similar Victory Point score. This new matchmaking system should address many of the problems in the old system. Most importantly, the new system is more transparent and offers a better self-balancing mechanic: If you get beaten a lot, you should eventually meet easier opponents. We know that the new system will create some new challenges, but we think these new problems are more manageable.
Resource Bases
Resource Bases are a valuable way to get extra resources at your disposal. By exploring the map and uncovering areas with outposts showing in the fog of war, we can gain access to these valuable resources. Here on the right side of the map, we can see an outpost in the clouds. Once explored, the resource base is ripe for the collecting. Unlike NPC bases, resource bases are controlled by players. A few things to note about resource bases:
  • You will be fighting back and forth with other players for control of your resource bases.
  • Resource bases are not limited to being contested by only two players.
  • Every time the base changes hands the weapons get upgraded. Sometimes this leads to weapons getting added.
  • If you ever get totally stuck against an opponent, like normal player bases, if you wait long enough (at least 3 days) you will get the option to find another opponent. However, we do not recommend searching for another opponent for resource bases. Instead we recommend leaving it be until you are strong enough to beat it. May seem opaque as to why, but you’ll thank us later.
  • Don’t forget! Once you take control of a base, it is yours to control and do with what you wish. This means you can move any of the buildings around to upgrade the defensive arrangement of the base. This is easy to overlook but crucial to keeping a tight grip on your base
  • Trees can also be harvested for wood which might also help with the re-position of your buildings.
What do I do with my Diamonds?
Diamonds/Gems have two uses: speeding up building/upgrading, paying for resources you don’t currently own when building/upgrading. You should save diamonds for a few scenarios.
  • You have too many resources and are afraid of having them stolen so you use them to quickly finish a building or upgrade.
  • You save them to pay for resources that are otherwise difficult to obtain – this is especially true when you unlock HQ 6 and first acquire stone. You will have no structure to generate stone until HQ 7 so using gems to upgrade from HQ 6 to HQ 7 is a great way of securing further stone. Similar problems will arise when upgrading from level HQ 9 to HQ 10 to obtain iron.
  • Upgrading HQ from level 6 to 7 because of stone shortage
  • Upgrading HQ from level 9 to 10 because of iron shortage

I would not recommend using diamonds to speed up troop training or speed up building or upgrade completion as they are very costly. Unless you have 1000’s of gems to spare, you’ll want to save them for later.

Frequently Asked Questions
Should I lower my medal count/Victory Point count to obtain easier opponents?
Players often intentionally allow their base to be raided in order to lower their matchmaking rank and find easier opponents.

How this works

  • Have a lot of bases on your map and raid them all at once to get enough resources for a big upgrade
  • Spend all your resources on the upgrade so you lose nothing from being raided
  • Put HQ undefended on the beach to allow it to be easily raided and thus lowering your VP

This means people will raid your base and lower your VP count, and since VP determines your matchmaking opponents, lowering your VP means you’ll face easier people.

Whether or not you choose to do this is completely up to you. Personally we like a good fight and take pride in our base defenses – we even gather diamonds and intel for successful defenses; however, there are definitely cases where people attacked too much and now find themselves completely outclassed by their opponents due to an inflated VP.

If you manage to defend your base though and keep your VP, there are daily rewards that scale to how many medals/victory points you have, so more victory points means you get better daily rewards. We like playing the game to win battles and get better rewards, but the decision is yours.

Why aren’t new bases appearing?/Where are new opponents?
If you haven’t seen any new bases on your map for awhile, you need to clear the ones currently on your map before more will appear.

You can also click on the Radar in your base to find out when the next invasion chance is.

How do I get Wood? Stone? Iron?
You’re going to hit some resource shortages – that’s inevitable. Shuffling out opponents with very few resources can help you get the most resources per victory point. Still, there are certain times when you will definitely have a shortage. Refer to the What do I do with Diamonds for when you need Stone or Iron but can’t produce it yet!

Don’t worry! After 24 hours, you’ll have the opportunity to change out your opponents. If however, you are still having troubles, check out our Offense Strategy Boot Camp where you can get some tips as well as send us a base you are having trouble with!

Also check out our Defense Strategy Boot Camp to find out how to improve your bases defenses! We might even feature your base!