Welcome to the Defense Strategies Boot Camp!

Base Defense is an integral part of Boom Beach. If you can’t defend your own, how do you expect anyone to follow you to the top?

Here we’ll help you make sure your base doesn’t get blindsided too easily by the enemy. Take notes from the examples we give – copy their advantages, and avoid their mistakes!

Oh yeah, if you ever come across a really great base, or one that you just can’t seem to beat, take a screen shot and send us the form here! We’ll check it out and see if it deserves the Hall of Fame!

BeruzeStro’s Level 24 Base defense Guide
Congratulations to Commander BeruzeStro for being chosen as our first user submitted base review!

At first glance:

This would be a base I would be interested in attacking. Aside from the higher level of weaponry for the HQ level, the base setup actually lends itself to a sweeping assault.

By having all of the weapons on one side and all of the support buildings on the other, you leave your support buildings unprotected and ripe for the picking. This will provide the invading troops with a lot of extra energy to win the assault with.

Proposed Changes:

The obvious change here would be to rearrange the base and protect the support buildings to some extent. By putting your base in the middle, we can cover many more buildings by our weapons.

Another advantage of a base setup like this is that now the invading army has to go through some of these buildings while being attacked. Effectively buying the defending base time to weaken the invading army. This kind of base is shown below. Final Thoughts:

My final comment on your existing base is that you have weapons of the same type grouped up adjacent to each other. I would take advantage of this with a barrage and try to get all of your cannons at once, or a well-placed Shock Bomb could be very effective as well. Try to space out your cannons / sniper towers so they cannot all be taken out simultaneously.

Best of Luck!

-Team BBHQ  

HQ Level 5 Defense Guide
Thanks to Commander ArielGingerMan for the image submission! Here are a few thoughts I had upon checking out the base setup:
  1. The HQ is exposed to the trees at its back. This is highly vulnerable as once the Flare ability is unlocked for the Gunboat, all of your weapons could easily be dodged by enemy troops walking through the forest.
  2. Almost all of your buildings are touching. A well placed Artillery shot will be able to hit adjacent buildings. This is effectively giving away free energy to the enemy. A HUGE disadvantage to your defense.
  3. The spacing is especially bad for the Mortar and the Sniper Tower (currently under construction). Don’t let an enemy Artillery out two buildings for the price of one!
  4. Your base is symmetrical: +1 style points!
I would at this point do a few quick things to increase your survivability:
  • Put your base up to the docks (right wall of the map). This effectively gives your enemy less routes of assault. Your base is better protected because they can attack from less sides.
  • Space out every building so nothing is touching.
  • Place your mortar behind your other weapons. It has a long range and can deal massive damage if it has enough time to land a few good hits.
With these minor changes, you’re sure to lose a few less battles as you rank up in Boom Beach!  
HQ Level 8 Defense Guide
Thanks to Commander EpicKyler for the submission! I see Kyler’s base and immediately I like it.
  • All the buildings are spaced out. Enemies are not going to get any freebies with my Artillery here.
  • A nice minefield in front, to hit the enemy no matter what their approach.
  • He has several leveled up weapons.
I’d consider a few things thought that might help this base’s survivability in a full frontal assault:
  1. Placing your HQ at the docks will reduce the possible assault paths. This will also allow you to increase the density of your weapons in the field.
  2. Placing mortars towards the back can keep them alive and doing damage for longer than if they were in front.
  3. He’s got the right idea using his Residences out front to stall enemies, but that is best used when your buildings have enough range to fire on approaching troops. Place one of the Sniper Towers closer to the front!
Other than that, I’d say that Kyler has got a pretty solid base. One question I have though is: why does he have so much gold? Upgrade that armory and spend it!
More Bases
Hey, where are the higher level base defenses?

Don’t worry, we’re working on this page and will be adding new ones soon – help us out by submitting screenshots of bases you think are really strong!

How to submit to us:

  1. Take a screenshot in game. Try to get the whole base in the picture.
  2. Upload that picture to a service like Imgur or Photobucket
  3. Send us your screenshot here!