Welcome to Tips and Tricks! This is where we’ll try to fill in some gaps and have some fun with tidbits of random information.
Reducing Victory Points
Thanks for the image submission from Commander Moofisilla! Why would anyone want to drop in victory points you ask? Victory Points are the basis of the matchmaking ranking system, therefore lowering your points should decrease your matchmaking score, providing easier enemies to tackle. You might see people significantly above your level, these people might have dropped Victory Points to have access to some weaker competition (and less loot). As you can see above, this is pretty much the best (and funniest) way to drop in Victory Points. Just leave a welcome note for the neighbors to take whatever they want while you’re gone! Please note: There is no way to do this without losing a significant amount of resources from battle losses  
Offshore Bank Accounts
The question: “If I don’t collect my resources from the boats, will they be available to steal when I get raided?” The Answer: No. Resources on your boats cannot be stolen, but there is a limit to how many they can hold!  
The Truth About Your DPS
We all know that you can check on your DPS (Damage Per Second) for defensive weapons and offensive units, but did you know that you could see how much damage per hit your units do? I sure didn’t. If you open the armory or a building you can see the DPS on the page. The secret here is that you can actually tap the DPS and it will not only tell you how much damage your unit is doing per hit, but how frequently the unit actually hits. How Cool!
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