Top 10 Tips for Clash of Clans Players coming to Boom Beach. Have you fought on the fields of Clans and are you looking to try the sandy shores of Boom Beach?

Well here’s a guide to help you Clashers get adjusted to Boom Beach! We’re breaking down the key differences between these games, detailing unique features of Boom Beach, and adding some tips to help you get a great start!

Build Times are Shorter
The time it takes to build and upgrade buildings is one major difference between Clash of Clans and Boom Beach.

While in Boom Beach you can only build/upgrade one building at a time, the building time is much faster.

For example, the longest build time in Boom Beach is 2 days for the highest level Headquarters (HQ) while a Clash of Clans Town Hall takes 14 days.

Overall, you can max out your buildings in Boom Beach much faster than you could have in Clash of Clans even though Clash has more builders.

While you can only build one building at a time, the build times in Boom Beach are much shorter While you can only build one building at a time, the build times in Boom Beach are much shorter.

Troops Survive between Missions
In Clash of Clans, troops deployed during a raid are “used up” and can’t be used again even if they survive the raid. However in Boom Beach, your troops are not used up after you attack with them.

If they survive a battle, you get to keep your troops and can continue attacking if you’d like.

This means that with good strategy and execution, you can raid one base after another with no downtime!

Boom Beach Wiki Tank With a good commander, this pretty lady and her tanks can steamroll from one enemy base to the next.
Headquarters Upgrades have Zero Drawback
The HQ is very similar to Clash of Clan’s Town Hall, and upgrading it unlocks new Troops, Abilities, Buildings, and Upgrades.

However, unlike Clash, leveling up your HQ at every opportunity has no downside.

We recommend upgrading it whenever you have a chance!

  • Your matchmaking level is not determined based on your HQ level.
  • You don’t have to focus on maxing out all your other buildings and upgrades first.
  • Having a higher level HQ won’t decrease your raid rewards.
Take advantage of this to get a leg up on your opponents!

See what you get at each HQ level!

Boom Beach Wiki Headquarters
The Gunboat Replenishes Spells
In Clash of Clans you can use spells to help turn the tide of battle. Similarly in Boom Beach you use the Gunboat to rain artillery and tactical fire upon your enemies.

However, a major difference between the games is that all of the gunboat’s different abilities can be used multiple times in a battle and they will automatically replenish after the mission is done. No need to make more!

Because of this, you can contribute significantly to each battle and help your troops destroy the enemy’s base!

Boom Beach HQ Wiki Gunboat Artillery, Barrage, and more will help you eliminate troublesome defenses – sometimes even before your army starts its attack!
All or Nothing: Destroy the HQ
In Clash of Clans, protecting the Town Hall is optional and leaving it unprotected allows you to get shields in exchange for trophies.

In Boom Beach however, all of the resources are “stored” in the Headquarters, and destroying it is the only way that you or your opponent gain all the resources in it. None of the other buildings around the base store materials, so it’s all or nothing on beating your enemy’s HQ!

Boom Beach Wiki Victory Raids are all or nothing. Either you are victorious and you take everything, or you face defeat and get nothing. However with all the tools at your disposal, victory is always in reach.
On the Offensive! Strike with Precision!
In addition to your troops surviving between battles and your gunboat replenishing “spells” between missions, Boom Beach also boasts some noticeable battle differences from Clash of Clans.
  • Attacks are much more controlled in Boom Beach as you can direct your troops to certain locations with the Flare ability
  • There are no walls to impede movement or attacking so you can cleverly plan your attacks to avoid tough defenses.
  • You can’t lose Victory Points (Trophies) by failing attacks – you only lose them through losing at defense.
  • Each week there are two NPC events known as Dr. Terror invasions. These multistage bases are an excellent source of materials to help you build your pricier upgrades!

Surprise! Time to make like a tree and get the hell out of here! By flaring your troops around the enemies defenses and attacking from the woods, you can flank your opponent’s base from behind!

Build Statues to Boost your Forces
Unique to Boom Beach, there are several types of statues that you can build to increase different aspects of your Army’s Attack, Base’s Defense, Overall Resource generation, and/or other drop rates or special abilities.

You decide how you would like to focus your base’s bonuses.

    Boom Beach HQ Wiki Statues

No Shields, Spend your Resources
On defense, you have to be more careful about defending your HQ as there are no shields to protect your base. Make sure to spend your resources when you can and if you are building a big upgrade, try finishing it in one fell swoop! As mentioned earlier, you only lose Victory Points if your HQ is destroyed.

Boom Beach HQ Wiki Boom Cannon Defense

Successful Defenses are Rewarded
  • Ever built an excellent base that you were proud of successfully defending 9/10 times?
  • Wish you got rewarded for it?
  • Well now you do!

Successfully repelling an enemy’s attack in Boom Beach not only protects all your resources, but also rewards you with coveted Diamonds, Boom Beach’s rare in-game currency.

You can also accumulate Intel for your Task Force, Boom Beach’s clan system!

Boom Beach HQ Wiki Diamonds from Defense Need help defending your base? Check out our Base Defense Analysis here!

Cooperative Multiplayer: Task Forces
Analogous to Clash of Clan’s “Clan Wars”, Boom Beach has Task Forces. 5, 10, 20, or up to 50 players can band together to take down Blackguard bases through missions called Operations.

These operations are super-powered versions of normal missions in Boom Beach and require an immense amount of coordination and tactics to beat. With over 20 scenarios of increasing difficulty, beating them will require a lot of brains and finesse, but if done successfully the rewards can be grand!

Boom Beach HQ Wiki Task Force

Final Note
And last, but not least, gotta love those charismatic bullet catchers

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our Beginner’s Guide to help you get the best start possible!