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Thanks to Commander Ngoc Lee for his base submission! He has asked us to try attacking his base so we’ll give it a shot and give him some feedback!

Level 23 Base Attack Strategy

At First Glance:

The first thing that strikes me, aside from the Sniper Tower, is that the defenses are very spread out. Also there are only two Cannons that are in position to defend the HQ, which is great since they are usually the hardest to deal with when using Heavies, Tanks, or Warriors. While spreading your defenses can be good to avoid shock bombs from disabling groups of buildings and barrage splash damage, it also means each of the defenses are very vulnerable. This is because most of the time, only 1 or maybe 2 defenses will be able to attack.

Ideal Troop Composition:

  • Tank Squadron
  • Heavy/Zooka
Attack Strategy:

If I were attacking his base with Heavy/Zooka, I would land my troops on the left side and artillery the Cannon there. The Heavies would be able to easily tank the Machine Gun, Mortar, and Sniper Tower while the Zookas destroy them. I would then Flare them to the left side of the base near the woods to avoid the middle Cannon. They should be able to destroy the remaining Sniper Tower and Mortar before taking out the HQ.

This base is also very weak to Tanks as they will only have to fight one defense at a time due to their long range and the large spacing between the defenses. I would follow a similar path by flaring to the left woods, avoiding the middle cannon, and then attacking towards the HQ.

Both of these strategies also use very little energy, and the extra energy could go towards making it easier to destroy other important defenses like the high level sniper towers or healing the troops.

Recommended Base Improvements:

I would move your defenses closer together so that they overlap their area of attack – this way they can protect each other and multiple defenses will retaliate when they are attacked rather than getting picked off one-by-one.

I would also recommend moving the back-right cannon closer to your HQ, possibly beside it, as cannons are a very troublesome defense to deal with for many troop compositions, and a defense that can be avoided is as good as destroyed.

Hope that helps and best of luck!