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Big thank you to Commander Fuaad1404! This was a base I personally attacked, so I will tell it from the first person perspective.

Level 27 Base Attack Strategy

At First Glance:

The first thing I usually look for in a base is number of cannons and also Cannon Placement. This base has 4 Cannons, but I believe I only need to interact with 3 of them if not only 2 of them. I also notice the line of mines. This does not really bother me because some of them will be taken out from my Artillery/Barrage on the Cannon, but the rest can be safely ignored as I will punch through in only one spot – triggering only a small number of the mines with my Heavies.

Ideal Troop Composition:

  • Tank Squadron
  • Heavy/Zooka/Riflemen
With Troops Shown:

Clearly the optimal place to attack is the left side. A handful of free buildings to take out means that there is free energy to be had and free energy is directly proportional to how badly Fuaad1404 gets demolished. (Also proportional to how many troops survive).

So, starting on the left side of the beach, move the troops forward. Since the forward left-most cannon has already been taken out using a barrage, I only have to worry about the flamethrower with respect to my very flammable Riflemen. Moving up the left side, shock bombing while advancing and finally coming to the HQ is the general path to victory. Shock bombs are a staple of my assault strategy. I believe that more damage can be done (and less losses taken) if my troops are just left alone to do their work. Too much usage of Artillery and Barrage just means you’ll have no energy left when you wish you had a Medkit in a pinch.

With Tanks:

Using a Tank Battalion, my strategy would be very similar but with more weight given to the enemy Cannons.

  1. Artillery / Barrage enemy Cannons.
  2. Start Left side to destroy buildings / collect free energy.
  3. Shock Bomb weapons as much as possible.
  4. Snipe HQ while out of range of several weapons.

If you follow those instructions, you should be good to go!