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Shoutout to Commander Zynosaur for sending us his base!

Level 32 Base Defense Strategy

At First Glance:

Very strong front line and good spacing between buildings. Economy buildings also buy time for defenses and force attackers to use flares to concentrate on the right buildings. A large number of Flamethrowers also cover the HQ to stop Warrior rushes, and the base is placed at the back right corner costing attackers time and forcing them to trudge through the base or spend flares to navigate around it. The basics are covered well.

General Strategy:

The base has 2 Boom Cannons which can be difficult to deal with since most Gunboats will only have enough energy to destroy one of them. However, while the base has a strong front line, the defenses at the back are a bit lacking. Currently the majority of the defenses for the back portion of the base are the 2 Boom Cannons since all the other Cannons are near the front. If a column of Tanks were to be flared to furthest back edge of the base and the back Boom Cannon destroyed with Artillery, they would be able to move through the Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Tower, and Mortar – in that order – before hammering the HQ from out of range of the other defenses. Similar strategies might employ Heavy/Zooka or Heavy/Riflemen. Thus, I would recommend moving a Cannon or two closer to the HQ as they will also cover the back of the base.

The next topic is spacing and coverage. For example, the Boom Cannons are spaced very far apart from other defenses (presumably to avoid Barrage splash damage); however, this means if one of those Boom Cannons is destroyed, there will be a large gap in the defenses. I would shore this up by moving one of the Sniper Towers to near the back, moving the Boom Cannons so it fits between them (without touching). Even if there is splash damage on the tower, it will cover a lot of the space left vacant by the Boom Cannons if they are destroyed before the fighting starts. The Sniper Tower near the landing crafts might be the ideal candidate for this as currently it is only covering half its potential area.

Diversity is also important. While the front line is currently strong versus Tank and Heavy/Zooka lineups, there are not many ways to deal with massive numbers of troops like all Riflemen. The high level Mortar by the HQ for example might be better closer to the front line for this reason.

Final Thoughts: (TL;DR)

  1. Cover the back of your base by moving more defenses like Cannons and Sniper Towers there. They will also help deal with high health units.
  2. A Sniper Tower covering the Boom Cannons and the back of the base would be great.
  3. Diversify your front line defenses by moving the high level Mortar closer to deal with mass unit strategies like all Riflemen.

Hope that helps and best of luck!