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Commander Coblt submitted this base to Reddit. He is looking for improvements to his level 35 base, so we’re here with some advice!

Boom Beach Level 35 Base Defense Strategy

At First Glance:

  • Ok, so there’s some pretty big changes that need to be made, one of which is our most talked about recommendation: spacing.
  • Spacing breaks down into how far apart your defenses are, what distance your defenses can reach when they are x-blocks apart, and how much concentrated firepower you have in an area so that they can focus fire a group of units.
  • Many bases have problems similar to Coblt’s, as the buildings are too spaced out. At the moment, a group of Tanks or Heavy/Zookas could march in and pick off the defenses one-by-one when multiple defenses could have been hammering on the attackers all at the same time. Having defenses spaced out also means that some buildings will just be completely out of range of the attackers and will be avoided all together.
  • Properly spacing your defenses is critical to good defense, and understanding spacing can also improve your attacks as you will know whether your units can safely attack from a certain range or if you need to destroy additional defenses.

Attack Strategy:

Reiterating a previous post:

A critical strategy in Boom Beach, especially for units with range like Tanks and Zookas, is to clear out one side of the defenses to make a path to the HQ; if you only need to destroy part of the defenses, you can spend less time, keep more of your units alive, and avoid fighting more defense as an avoided defense is basically the same as a destroyed one. In this case, the buildings are so spaced out that many of them can be avoided once a couple of them are out of the way.

Bringing that advice to this base, destroying the back left side of the base is where there are the least defenses and the base is weakest. We can see that destroying the two Cannons with Barrage/Artillery eliminates a large amount of the high damage defenses in that area. The remaining anti-tank/anti-heavy defenses would be a Boom Cannon and maybe a Sniper Tower. These can be destroyed with a combination of shock bombs/barrage/artillery and then the HQ is completely vulnerable.

How can we improve this?

What’s important to improve here is increasing the defense density of the base. This means moving all your buildings much closer together. They should be separated by 1 square so the sides and corners don’t touch, but bringing the defenses in tighter should help. Also since the Sniper Towers are on the edges of the base and spread out, they are also vulnerable to being picked off by themselves as they don’t have other defenses protecting them.

Thus, I would recommend moving the Sniper Towers away from the fringe of the base and closer to the HQ – for example, placing them in the position where the Flamethrowers currently are.

The HQ can be moved forward a bit so the Flamethrowers can then be moved around the back of the HQ. These will provide good Warrior rush protection in addition to the Machine Guns.

Also, a note about your other buildings. You have a lot of economy buildings which are going to be easy pickings – especially on your left side. They are worth 3 Gunboat Energy each, so I would try moving some out of harm’s way, possibly placing them along the backside edge of your base or placing them along the edge where your statues are. Your statues don’t need any protection anyways.

Final Thoughts: (TL;DR):

  • Work on building spacing and increase defense density by moving all your buildings closer so your defenses cover each other.
  • The back, left side of the base is weakest.
  • Hide your economy buildings a bit either along the top edge or right edge of the map. Don’t let them become free gunboat energy.

Hope that helps and best of luck!