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Level 35 base defense strategy guide

Big thanks to Commander Caine for submitting his base for review! This submission counts as an entry into this weeks Free Diamond Giveaway Be sure to enter, as your chances are pretty good at this point!

At First Glance: Your base looks quite solid at first look. Your weapons seem to be upgraded quite a bit for your level and your layout seems reasonably thought out.

Proposed Changes: If I were going to attack your base, I would absolutely try to take out the Boom Cannons first and possibly the Rocket Launcher, depending on my troop composition.

That considered, I might space out the forward Boom Cannon a bit from other weapons so to make the attacker’s barrage worth less overall.

Another thing I notice is that you have all of your support (non-attacking) buildings along the front and sides of your base. It’s like a cushion for your weapons. I like the design because if the enemy were to punch in at any specific point, they would not be taking out too many support buildings. Also, any of the buildings that they attacked would be while getting fired upon.

Unfortunately, this design is not working for you every time. Try moving some of your support buildings back and possibly behind your HQ line.

Final Thoughts: Overall, I think you have a very solid base and that there are no clear-cut solutions to your design problem. As you know better than I about what you are losing to, I’m going to have to suggest some trial and error in rearranging your weapons around.

I’ll also add that you might want to try putting your HQ back in the right corner again. I find this to be a solid strategy because the enemy cannot easily dodge half of your weapons.

Hope this helps!