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boom beach hq wiki level 35 strategy guide

I’d like to thank Commander Stu for submitting a very detailed explanation of his strategy and his base layout. Thanks a lot Stu!

At First Glance:

As always, props for trying to make your base as symmetrical as you can. I also see that you’ve placed your Boom Cannons almost as bait for Gunboat attacks. The attacker is forced to deal with them immediately but the barrage will not touch any other building. So far, so good. I can tell you’ve put thought into this design.

Main Weakness (as listed in submission):

General Strategy:

The first thing that I dislike about your base setup is that you have all of your Cannons adjacent and on the front line. If I had all Tanks, I’d love to take a shot at your base. You basically are allowing me to try and get rid of my biggest obstacle first.

Try moving your Cannons back towards your HQ. It will make it more difficult for an all Tank assault as well as making the mass Warrior attack less feasible if you place the Cannons close enough to the HQ.

That being said, I would actually move most of your weapons back towards your HQ. This will require you to intersperse some support buildings in with your weapons, but as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, having something for the opposing force to get stuck on has some value other than giving them free energy.

Another question I have for you: why do you not have more trees cut down? I see almost no downside to this as it gives you additional space to set up your base in the optimal manner. I recommend doing this as soon as possible and taking advantage of that extra space. By moving your weapons off the front line, you don’t allow your invader to skip many of your weapons.

Final Thoughts: (TL;DR)

  1. Remove your trees and push everything back towards the wall
  2. Integrate support buildings into defensive line to slow enemy down
  3. Move Cannons way back, they are extremely valuable and should be put in spots so that the enemy can’t dodge them.
  4. Push Sniper Towers Forward in the grand scheme of things
  5. Hide the Boom Mines along the main path to the HQ (to counter the Warrior rush)
  6. Greatly increase weapon placement density around HQ

I hope this helps you out Stu! Any additional Questions, feel free to email and I will personally answer it.