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Thanks to Commander NuclearBombMan for his base submission! He has asked us for advice with defending his base from high level Tank/Medic and Hooka strategies, so let’s see what he’s got!

Level 40 Base Defense Strategy

At First Glance:

  • Good looking, symmetrical base design with most resource buildings hidden away to prevent giving the enemy free energy.
  • Front line defenses look a little weak to Heavies and Tanks since there is no single target DPS, but the greatest gap in defense is around the back left side of the base where there are at most 3 Cannons/Boom Cannons.

Attack Strategy:

According to the owner, this base has particular trouble dealing with Tank/Medics and Hooka strategies since opponents will either destroy or evade his high damage, single target defenses. These are tough combinations to deal with, but the solution here is building distribution and density.

A critical strategy in Boom Beach, especially for units with range like Tanks and Zookas, is to clear out one side of the defenses to make a path to the HQ; if you only need to destroy part of the defenses, you can spend less time, keep more of your units alive, and avoid fighting more defense as an avoided defense is basically the same as a destroyed one.

Bringing that advice to this base, destroying the back left side of the base is where there are the least defenses and the base is weakest. We can see that destroying the Boom Cannon with Barrage/Artillery eliminates a large amount of the high damage defenses in that area. The remaining anti-tank/anti-heavy defenses would be maybe 1 to 2 Cannons at most and 2 Sniper Towers. These can be destroyed with a combination of shock bombs/artillery and then the HQ is completely vulnerable.

How can we improve this?

What’s important to improve here is the defense distribution and density around the HQ. Currently there are strong Sniper Towers spread out around the perimeters of the base to protect a large area. While it is understandable to want to protect additional economy buildings and other defenses, the key is always the HQ*. Also since the Sniper Towers are so far out, they are also vulnerable to being picked off by themselves as they don’t have other defenses protecting them.

Thus, I would recommend moving the Sniper Towers away from the fringe of the base and closer to the HQ – for example, move the Flamethrowers at the side of the HQ up and to the left and right of the Mortar (they will still be in range for Warrior rushes), and place the fringe Sniper Towers into these spots by the HQ. This will provide overlapping coverage in a critical area and add some single target DPS to protecting the HQ.

Next let’s talk about Boom Cannons. Boom Cannons have a unique, unlisted quality about them, as in 90% of attacks, they will be targeted and destroyed before units hit the beach. Because of this there are a couple problems.

  • You will have to plan for a large gap in your defenses where the Boom Cannon was.
  • Additionally players will create lots of space around Boom Cannons, moving their other defenses further away to avoid Barrage splash damage, but this further increases the gap in your defenses once their gone.

In our current example, someone could take out either the left or the right one, and then attack whichever side they made weaker. Rather than giving them left or right as options, I like placing them with one in front and one in back attached to the HQ (where the mortar and front flamethrower are currently. When attacking the HQ They will have to deal with both, and more importantly, they are no longer creating a huge gap in your defenses when they are destroyed. The spot in back is also less critical to being “undefended” should it be destroyed in the initial salvo as well.

With the space freed up by moving the Boom Cannons, we can place buildings like Cannons closer to the HQ which will provide faster rates of fire than Boom Cannons and more protection for the HQ as the effective cannons protecting the HQ would be 6 (4 cannons, 2 boom cannons) instead of 4 (2 cannons, 2 boom cannons). After making these movement I would tighten up the spacing of the defenses to reduce gaps and give overlapping coverage.

Final Thoughts: (TL;DR):

  • The back, left side of the base is weakest. Increase defense density by moving Sniper Towers on the fringes of the base closer to the HQ.
  • Boom Cannons are a barrage/artillery magnet. Move Boom Cannons from left and right positions to front and back positions near HQ. Then move cannons into their old spot to give more protection to the HQ and avoid huge gaps in the defense.
  • Tighten up defenses by moving them closer to the HQ and each other to provide overlapping defense.

Hope that helps and best of luck!

*Economy buildings shouldn’t be poorly positioned so that large groups of them are easily destroyed, but once the opponent has to go way out of their way and with losses to destroy them, additional defense for them is wasted.