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By Commander RallyRandy

Many Task Forces operate differently and often struggle to work together effectively. This can make the difference between taking down that next operation and being stuck on the same one the Task Force has completed twenty times in the past. I am going to cover some different ways to help the Task Force you are in whether you are a Leader, Officer, or a Member.

Become a Productive Member of Task Force Society

Being an active member of your Task Force (TF) no matter how bad or good you are will earn you respect from your fellow members.

Many TFs have Intel limits or attack requirements, but if you are active enough in the game these should not be an issue. If your TF is too competitive, or not competitive enough, try looking around for one on the forums that may better suit you. The sooner you settle in somewhere where you are comfortable, the better.

  • Communicate with your TF, ask questions, and respect the Officers and Leaders. They will be very appreciative if you ask questions; after all, you are trying to help out the TF as much as possible.
  • Be careful not to spam the chat either. No one wants to read through 100+ messages with no legitimate substance.
  • If you are not going to be able to play for a few days for whatever the reason, try letting your Leader or Officers know and they should understand and hold your spot for you while you are away.
Boom Beach Task Force Screenshot

Communication is Key

Communicating together can change your TF for the better. I recommend having the most experienced and trusted players be Officers, and make a LINE chat or other text chat. In my TF, I am in a group text with all of my officers just for Boom Beach. We share stats, strategies, and can talk on the side to save the group chat.

Another benefit is being able to discuss topics that may not be relevant to the rest of the members. Having a group text can also allow images to be shared and much more detailed information to be sent. Most of the Officers and I will draw on screen shots with color coding to better communicate strategies. We do this through SnapChat but there may be other ways as well depending on your phone. I enjoy the convenience of free drawing and changing colors that the app offers.

Task Force Drawing

(ex. Yellow for Zookas, and Blue Circle for Shock)

The Go-To Players

Having a second Leader can be a great idea for a successful TF. If the Leader is not going to be available for an extended period of time, they can pass the role onto a very trusted second Leader who can take over the TF while the normal Leader is gone.

Having friends or family in the TF can be a great additional and increase positive interactions further. It can be important to keep track of your TF and very helpful for many. Having more trusted eyes can ease the burden of running a TF.

If collecting data, using an outside spreadsheet can be very helpful to track attacks, Intel collection, Victory Points (VPs), troop specializations, and many other things you may find important.

Keep it Fun

Boom Beach is just a game after all. You want to make sure everyone is having fun and you are enjoying yourself as well.

My TF runs a weekly competition for most Intel collected and the winning player gets a nice shout out from the Leader. You can also do ‘Best Member Attack’ voted on by Officers outside of the in-game chat, or most VPs gained in one week. These, and many others, are great ways to keep it fun, interesting and friendly inside your TF.

If you would like to know how to draw on screen shots in SnapChat:

  • Screen shot
  • Rotate image 90 degrees in photo library if on iPhone (or possibly other devices)
  • Open the app and right-swipe on a person’s name you have received a snap from
  • Click the yellow box
  • Click bottom right which will open your photos
  • Select screen shot
  • Draw and save by clicking the down ” \/ ” arrow

Commander RallyRandy

-Been Boomin’ since the beginning!

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