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Shock Bomb

Today, Supercell graced us with some previews of updates to come in the near future. The first of which was THE SHOCK LAUNCHER

Tired of getting overrun by legions of Warriors?!? Well here is your chance to defend your title and your homeland while sticking it straight to the man! With the Shock Launcher, not one more Warrior will ever touch your HQ!

While this newfangled Shock Launcher is convenient for some folks, I never saw anything wrong with the Warrior assault. It had it’s ups and downs and if you knew how to defend against it, you’d be able to survive. Now I fear if this Shock Launcher is not done right, we shall never see another all Warrior raid again!

We shall just have to wait, pray and see what happens…

P.S. If you have any inside information or theories on the nature of the Shock Launcher, send us a line at!