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Will you dominate the archipelago with countless amounts of troops, create the rock solid dream beach that crushes your enemies, or achieve in BOTH?? Only the wisest and most intelligent commanders will succeed in this. Do you have what it takes?


Focused Offensive Strategy PROS

In order to easily defeat mercenary and blackguard bases, conquer in operations, seize resource bases, and bring home mass amounts of dough after a couple rounds of Dr. Terror, you’re going to need a solid offense. There are four main points of offensive strategy that can be used, configured, and upgraded in many different variations.

These points include: landing crafts, gunboat energy, troop level, and gunboat ability level. Every time each of these are upgraded, your offense becomes more versatile and efficient. The rewards for having a solid offense are huge amounts of loot. Focusing on offense only is recommended for very active players.

Focused Offensive Strategy CONS

Being able wield a mighty army and crush your opponents with ease is especially fun!! However, it can leave you vulnerable to attacks as well. The more you destroy your opponents, the higher your victory point value goes up. The higher your victory point value, the tougher your enemies get.

This doesn’t only relate to the enemies that appear on your archipelago, but to the difficulty of enemies that attack your home base! Due to this, not having some kind of defense could be a great disadvantage. You’ll not only have the hard-earned loot you have stored vulnerable, but you won’t be able to hold your victory point value or receive diamond or intel rewards whenever an enemy raids your base.

Focused Defensive Strategy PROS

Imagine logging onto Boom Beach after a nice sleep and finding multiple replays of the puny enemies who failed to raid you, and then happily collecting the diamond and intel reward. Trust me, it’s like Christmas morning. Having a solid defense for your beach is great for protecting your loot, your victory point value, and your resource bases. On top of that, after the 2015 May update, you’ll be able to crush Lt. Hammerman’s forces and be able to make incredible prototype defensive tools!

Focused Defensive Strategy CONS

Having the reassurance that almost anyone who attacks your base will wish they never did, while knowing that your loot and victory point value are safe and sound, is a big advantage for saving huge amounts of loot for massive upgrades. However, this is a very passive play style and it may be difficult to raid blackguard and Dr. Terror bases if you need the extra loot. It may be pretty embarrassing in operations if your offense can hardly earn that much force points for your task force. If you lose one of your resource bases, it might be extremely hard to get back. And last but not least you won’t be earning as much crystals and power powder as an offensive player.

Focused Balanced Strategy PROS
The most enjoyable, entertaining, and fulfilling way to play Boom Beach is to play it smart.

To have an overall plan of exactly what you want and to carry it out.

To manage your loot and prepare for big upgrades, and to expand your campaign as a successful commander.

There is no exact way to “win” or “lose” in Boom Beach. But the effort and time you put in it will determine the rewards you receive. Having a suitable balance between offense and defensive strategy has the potential to gain the most rewards.

Focused Balanced Strategy CONS
The only main setback of successfully balancing offense and defense is having such a high victory point value, that the game becomes much harder overall. People who appear on your map will mostly have a slightly lower victory point count than you, while you wind up on the maps of people who have a victory point value slightly higher than you. The statues you chose to have can determine which areas of the game are easier for you. If having a victory point value that’s higher than you’d like, it is not that hard to contort it to the amount that is suitable for you. The best way to lower your VP count is to have your storages full and leave your HQ vulnerable.

Boom Beach is a competitive, challenging game in which you control the path of your campaign. Play smart and have fun!

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