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Hey Commanders!

Welcome back to the one unit series, where feature the strengths and weaknesses of your Boom troops. There’s nothing else quite like the Medic Platoon. It’s a support unit that can really reward you for strong positioning play. Pair these troops with a squad of Tanks or Riflemen and watch them go to town!

Key Characteristics

Boom Beach Medic Strategy
Unlocked at HQ Level 15
Move Speed
Attack Range
Unit Size
Boom Beach Medic HQ Wiki Range

Medics, in Depth


  • Medics are uniquely suited to use the buddy system! Pack along at least two Medics in your landing craft – they’ll prioritize healing each other and keep stray sniper fire from ruining your day.
  • You can certainly pair your Heavies with Medics. However, watch out for not finishing combats in the 4 minute timeframe. Use this technique against an opponent that is using only an array of sniper towers to guard their headquarters.
  • Warriors and Medics don’t mix – they’ll speed off into combat and leave the support units in the dust to be picked off by poorly-guided mortars.
  • Zookas are similarly poor comrades because they’ll likely be one-shot by many base defenses. You can’t heal a weak constitution!
  • Tanks are the best companion for Medics, but beware their natural counter: Cannons and Boom Cannons. These fearsome structures can go toe-to-toe with your range and deal too much damage for Medics to heal. Always Shock Bomb or Barrage. these structures when you can.

Fighting Against Medics

  • Because Medics can’t fire, the real section header here is how to fight against rapidly regenerating Tanks, Heavies, or Riflemen.
  • Surround your Cannons and Boom Cannons with a palisade of smaller defense such as high-level Sniper Towers. Have the heavy artillery cover on side of your HQ, and line the other with your Boom Mines.
  • Figure out the place where opponents are most likely to use Flares to get into your base, and put a few Sniper Towers halfway along this line – this way, when enemies want to Flare again to carve deeper towards your Headquarters, the slower-moving Medics may change direction and wander into Sniper Fire.
  • Place Mortars behind Flamethrowers to punish regenerating Riflemen and catch slower moving groups of Medics.

Field Testing in Action

As always, we’ll wrap up with some in-game footage featuring our spotlit unit. Here’s Boom Beach General with a fearsome Tank-Medic combo!

Hope these tactics win you many battles to come! Until next we meet on the battlefield.