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Hey Commanders!

Welcome back to the one unit series, where feature the strengths and weaknesses of your Boom troops. We’re going back to boot camp this week, by turning our eye on the humbled Rifleman regiment. It’s a unit that everyone has experience using, but we’ll see if we can teach you a couple new tricks. Benefiting from both swarm tactics and the fact that they’re likely the first unit you’ll have upgraded, Riflemen are useful way into the long game.

Key Characteristics

Boom Beach Zooka Strategy
Unlocked at HQ Level 1
Move Speed
Attack Range
Unit Size
Boom Beach Rifleman HQ Wiki Range

Riflemen, in Depth


  • Boom Beach heavily encourages you to use the Heavy – Riflemen combo at the start of the game, and for good reason – Sniper Towers can almost be ignored if you have a tank at the helm. What you’ll need to do is stagger the timing on your beach landings just a little so that the faster Riflemen don’t stumble into Mortars meant for your Heavies.
  • However, as soon as you unlock the Shock Bomb, we recommend you get rid of the Heavies in your party and run nothing but Riflemen . Each of your Landing Crafts will be able to host 8-9 soldiers, making for an intensely strong assault. You forgo your tanking defenders, but the additional firepower can quickly end opponents unprepared for a blitz push.
  • Prioritize your Shock Bombs on clusters of enemy defenses centered around a Flamethrower or Machine Gun. You’ll certainly take a licking from roving Snipers, but prevent bulk casualties.
  • See if you can use a single Artillery shot to make a narrow path for your troops through minefields- about a building’s width worth. You’ll save a lot more energy than using multiple Flares or Medkits.
  • Riflemen are best for bases where you can use Flares to sneak behind the trees to get past defenses – you’ll be less punished for messing up slightly and getting in range of that Sniper Tower – and have great DPS to take down the enemy HQ.

Fighting Against Riflemen

  • Fortunately, everyone has experience scrapping against Riflemen, and most of your defensive structures are balanced around their range and firepower. What you’ll want to watch out for are swarms of troops attacking with Shock Bomb or Medkit support.
  • Shock Bombs can be countered by staggering your Sniper towers – place Snipers about three squares away from your front-most Flamethrower or Machine Gun to get maximum coverage.
  • Always place a Mortar just behind your HQ – you’ll force your enemies to spend some energy to beat it, and it’s a tactic that’s useful against Warriors as well.
  • Space out your Mines to avoid getting taken out by a single well-placed Artillery shot.
  • And of course, place your Rocket Launcher at the back of your base to entirely stymie Riflemen assaults. But honestly, if you’ve unlocked them, you probably don’t need our help in getting rid of Riflemen :]

Field Testing in Action

As always, we’ll wrap up with some in-game footage featuring our spotlit unit. Here’s Boom Beach Bonanza showing the power of the Rifleman!

Hope these tactics win you many battles to come! Until next we meet on the battlefield.