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Hey Commanders!

We’re putting the spotlight on the power of the Tank. These powerhouses, although late to unlock, are daunting behemoths on the battlefield. They’re certainly not impervious to a crafty opponent, but can bring a lot of long-range firepower. Get excited to make the most out of your tanks!

Key Characteristics

Boom Beach Tank Strategy
Unlocked at HQ Level 11
Move Speed
Attack Range
Unit Size
Boom Beach Tank Range

Tanks, in Depth

Preparation (pre-unlock)

  • Tanks require 2 extra Gunboat energy to deploy, so make sure you’ve done the requisite upgrades. In particular, you’ll want to have at least 25 energy – this ensures that you can immediately field 4 Tanks, kill off an enemy cannon with Artillery, and fire off a Flare (to dodge mines).
  • Tanks take a while to build, so at the time of their unlock you might be running with a mixed-troop party. In this case, we recommend pairing your Tanks with Riflemen, followed by Heavies. (Zookas occupy a similar role to Tanks as ranged damage dealers, and don’t complement them well).
  • Try to pick out the enemy bases with easily disrupt-able Cannons while you wait for your shipment of tanks. Cannons are Tanks’ natural predators – if you can crush them with Gunboat fire or neatly evade their range, your metal legion will have a much easier path.


  • Barrage can be an invaluable asset as a cheap way to get rid of multiple Mines or Boom Mines at once, especially on the later Hammerman levels where it seems like the Lieutenant orders them by the truckload.
  • Tanks have the longest range of any troop and the most health as well. They can withstand Machine Gun fire pretty easily, and can flat out destroy a flamethrower from beyond its reach.
  • Tanks grow in power pretty linearly as they upgrade, so we recommend updating your other Armory options evenly as opposed to say, rushing for level 5. For the exact promotion charts, check out this page.
  • Because Tanks move slower than most of the other units, be very careful with Flare use as they may lead to unpredictable results until you’re a more practiced hand – don’t expect those Riflemen to coordinate perfectly with their beefier allies!
  • Keep in mind that the simple Medic can heal the Tank in combat! While this may seem counter-intuitive, the two actually form one of the best combos in the game.

Field Testing in Action

To illustrate the power of these war machines in action, check out this montage of resource base rampage by Boom Beach Bonanza!

Hope these tactics win you many battles to come! Until next we meet on the battlefield.