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Hey Commanders!

Welcome back to the one unit series, where feature the strengths and weaknesses of your Boom troops. This week, we’ll be examining the curious Zooka battalion. Although it may seem like a strong gust of wind can knock these units over, their damage potential is incredibly high. If you master their use, you will be well on your way to claiming enough resources for the late game.

Key Characteristics

Boom Beach Zooka Strategy
Unlocked at HQ Level 5
Move Speed
Attack Range
Unit Size
Boom Beach Zooka Range

Zookas, in Depth


  • Zookas will the be highest maintenance unit on your team. Snipers, Mortars, motion sickness, earthworms, mild sunlight… Seems like just about anything will kill these troops. Make sure to guard them with Heavies or swarms of other targets.
  • You’ll want to time your Zooka deployment a few seconds behind your main army so they’re not walking directly into the Mortars or Rockets fired at your first line. You can afford to be patient in battle as high firepower will ensure that, if they are left alive, they will clear the stage in the time limit.
  • Thankfully, the range and firepower of the Zookas can definitely make up for their fragile nature. Zookas are particularly great at taking down Flamethrowers and getting you energy from quickly destroying neutral buildings.
  • Good use of Flare is essential to keeping our offense alive. Zookas can’t take advantage of MedKits very well, so use that extra Gunboat energy in destroying the buildings that would threaten your Zookas’ entourage.
  • A Zooka and Heavy strategy will serve you well before you load up on Warriors and Shock Bombs.

Fighting Against Zookas

  • The best defensive strategy is to test your opponents’ micromanagement skills. Place your neutral buildings in a staggered fashion in front of defensive structures like Sniper Towers. If your opponent is going to field Zookas, they’ll need great Flare and positioning play. Punish them for any lapses in concentration with decoy buildings and ranged attacks.
  • Stacking anti-Heavy weapons next to your Sniper Towers will allow you to have an easier time against opponents that want to absorb your hits and shoot from long range.
  • Mines are also great at punishing swarms of Zookas. Place mines slightly to the left or right of the direct path to your base – that way, enemy Heavies are less likely to absorb them and they can hit Zookas as they spread out to fire.

Field Testing in Action

As always, we’ll wrap up with some in-game footage featuring our spotlit unit. Here’s some top notch footage by Boom Beach General!

Hope these tactics win you many battles to come! Until next we meet on the battlefield.